Monday, March 24, 2014

The Holandaise Sauce

Abidjan the financial capital of Cote d'Ivoire was a French colony so everythig here has a french effect on them. So when I heard that French is the national language here I thought there must be a popularity of French food here. But lo and behold....just like India..which was an English Colony here too French Cullinarry is not popular like their language. So there goes my chance of leraning the mouth watering French desserts and cakes....:(
Last week while watching some trailers of movies I stumbled upon a video of Julia Child's The French Chef  show and watched the method of making The Holandaise Sauce. Its easy, simple and can be done with simple ingredients like lemon, salt, pepper, water, egg and butter. All of them are so easily available in the kitchen that I thought of making the sauce. Now the sauce is generally accompanied with sweet dishes. So I made Pan Cakes with a topping of butter, sugar and cinnamon powder. This is when the tragedy struck. I used salt in the place of sugar and the entire dish was ruined. I noticed this when I was cleaning up the kitchen and saw that I have opened the can of salt instead of sugar. I ate a little to see whether they were edible or not. And they tasted like the dried sea water...yuck!!!
So I had to go through everything that I have completed again. Husband went to meet his colleague that time who just came from Vietnam to look after his restaurant which is just round the corner of our flat. My cooking was complete when he came home after nearly 1 and half hours. Making the pan cakes again was a tough task but not tiresome but while I was making the sauce I thought may be it would have been easier if I had two more hands because I had to put butter and stir the sauce with two hands simultaneously and it was really exhausting. Sweat started coming down my forehead and my arms started aching. But if I had left that sauce there the eggs would have scrambled making my sauce completely ruined again. So I stirred and stirred until and unless I saw the sauce has thickened and is not watery anymore.And finally the end result was more than just yum!!!! It was delicious. It smelled lovely and tasted....buttery, tangy and velvety!!! The combination of sweet pancakes with a tangy sauce left us with a trail exquisite appetizing taste that will linger the mind and tongue for a long time. of  I love love love it. Husband also loved it a lot. He even skipped sipping water to relish the taste for a long time.
Later I also saw Julia Child's chicken roasting video. The way she explained the different categories of chicken is really an informative lesson to keep in the mind. I am planning to buy her cook book so that I can learn some more of French Cooking but that is till I reach India again. So until then I am completely allowing myself to master the basic recipes of cooking.
Did you learn something new this weekend??

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