Monday, August 31, 2015

Payesh / Chaler Payesh / Bengali Rice Kheer

When I think of kheer I think of a sweet semi solid semi liquid brownish milk which is very creamy and velvety in texture and is flavoured with cardamom powder. In other words it’s the liquid version of khoya or evaporated milk. That is what we think of when we think of kheer. To us kheer is completely made with milk and no other ingredients are added to it except cardamom powder and sugar.

bengali rice payasam recipe

simple payesh recipe

Whereas Payesh is a complete different story. By “Payesh” we understand a sweet dish, where some other major ingredient is added to a little bit thickened milk and then cooked with it. So for “chaler payesh” or “Rice Kheer” we understand rice being added to the thickened milk and then cooked along with it.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lal Murgir Jhol ~ Another Robibarer Murgir Jhol

Murgir Jhol can be as versatile as you wish. Of course the mughlai cuisine offers a big platter, but regional cuisines always surprise me with its flavour, simplicity and ingredients. I like Marathi Chicken curries because of their awesome taste, flavour and rustic hotness in the curry. Bengali Chicken Curries are also versatile. Depending only on the techniques they appear in different attire and different tastes. One of them which I like very much is this “Lal Murgir Jhol”.

murgir jhol recipesunday special murgir jhol recipe

This is a rustic chicken preparation, with a very thin curry which is red hot in colour and has oil floating on top of it. Ma hated it but I and father used to insist her for making this red hot chicken curry. I loved the floating oil and its fiery colour. To me they were sensational. Ma sometimes added boiled eggs to the chicken curry.  It added more yumness to the lunch. When cooking this murgir jhol ma did not grind the ginger – garlic smoothly but left them rather coarse.

Friday, August 28, 2015

African Hot Chilli Sauce

If you love spicy foods, chilli sauces have to be your best buddy with your occasional meet-ups with snacks. Frankly speaking I am just the same. I can’t live without spicy foods. Whenever I see green chillies something happens within me and I just can’t stop myself from chopping up, until I realize that it had already gone too far.

how to make chilli sauce african style recipe

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Posto Bata / Bengali Raw Poppy Seeds Paste

Events have the capability of becoming memories very quickly. Out of nowhere we meet them and a wink of vision flashes across our eyes. And we smile or sigh. Today one such a fling occurred with me.
I wash cleaning the centre table in our drawing room, when I saw a diary under it. It was lying there for a long time, which is evident from the thick dusts that had made a permanent homage on its cover. I swiped away them with a tissue paper and then I recognized it. And a trail of memories stared to flush in. It was actually my husband’s diary into which he used to jot down his expenses before marriage. Then I started using it. It had all my lists that I made after marriage, things...which I needed to buy before leaving India. Then there were my budgets and the all the criss-crosses regarding those plannings. My planning for decorating the rooms. The things I needed. And all those monthly budgets that I undertook last year to control our monthly expenses.

bengali raw poppy seeds paste with mustard oil and onions

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lehsuni Murgh / Rosun Diye Mangsho / Garlic Chicken Curry

A little birdie comes at my window every afternoon. Its tiny and looks like sparrow. But it has shiny green feathers on its back and a sharp curvy beak. It comes and sits o the window pane. Then watches the surrounding premise. If everything is okay...then it slowly comes near the A.C machine and starts to bathe under the water that drips from the pipe connected to the A.C. It cleans its body by rubbing its beak all over the feathers, and chest. Then it flies away!!!

how to cook easy garlic chicken

garlic chicken recipe lasooni chicken

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Paneer Uttapam

I can’t find any Matar Dal in Abidjan. They don’t understand what Matar Dal is...and as a result I can’t make any Dal Bora because of them. I want to make some jhal / spicy curry with them. Ma used to make them on the previous day of Manasa Puja. One can not cook anything on that day. So we had to eat Jol Panta (rice which had been cook on the previous day and then soaked in water overnight in a warm and dry place) with fried dal bora (fried lentils dumplings) and borar jhal (spicy curry with the lentils dumplings). Seems like I can’t make them this year also. Humpphh!!!

how to cook paneer uttapam recipe

paneer uttapam recipe

Monday, August 24, 2015

Macher Kalia / Bengali Fish Kalia

Yesterday we went for our weekly groceries and vegetable shopping. I wanted to be in the budget. I was in complete control and picked up only those which were really really necessary. Then I calculated and the billing price was way low than the budget. So I thought to pick up some more stuffs. So, I went to the frozen section and picked up a packet of fish fillets. It was cheap. So it will not hurt that much!! I though. Then I went to the bakery section and picked up tutti-fruity, to make cake. Then I saw the promo counter, there they were selling Nescafe Dolce Gusto chococino at the half price. How can I let go that??? So I picked 1 packet of that too. Then I remembered that I needed a bottle of shampoo and 1 carton of whole milk. I rushed to pick them up. It was already evening, and the ques were starting become long in front of the counters. I had to hurry. And it was only at the time of payment that I realized my bill almost got double. Seeshh!!! How am I going to save in this way??

bengali style macher kalia recipe

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fakibaji Pulao / Very Quick Bengali Sweet Pulao

By Pulao Bengalis understand rice dish which is sweetened with sugar, and then cooked and flavoured with the whole spices. Cashew nuts are added as an extra crunch and raisins are added for more sweetness. In this all too sweet scenario you can add some peas as well as chopped carrots. This is the very basic pulao that we Bengalis cook.

how to cook bengali style sweet pulao

This pulao is mostly known as fried rice to almost all the Kolkatans. I really have no idea that how...but this sweet rice and vegetable melange is popularly known as fried rice.  And it’s a must for any grand occasion.

simple sweet pulao recipe with step by step pictures

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Aloo Pyaj Kolir Torkari / Bengali Potato and Spring Onion Dry Curry

Recently I am having problems with my photos. They are coming awful grainy. The reason must the be increased ISO that I am using currently as there is particularly no sunlight these days. The weather is always gloomy and I don’t have large flashlights in my home. Looks like, I really really need them pretty soon. Because if I carry out in this way my photos are going to be nowhere near to be good or just okay.     

aloo pyajkolir torkari recipe

how to cook spring onion curry

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

African Peanut Butter Chicken / Sauce de Arachide au Poulet

As much as people know about European cuisine, there is very little knows facts about African food culture to them. Africa is developing...and it is developing fast. But none of this news gets a good exposure nor does it attract the media in a positive way. And if you look at their cuisine it has suffered the same fate as well. After I came to Abidjan...I started to grow a strong preference towards their food. I have not tasted much of their street food because of the low hygienic maintenance there...but the girl who works in my house cooks them with ease. She is an excellent cook and she has a large amount of patience because she answers every single of my curious question about their country and culture with details and without showing any kind of irritation.

peanut butter chicken african style

how to cook chicken with peanut butter recipe

She is the one who has bought me those grilling equipments, which is known here as Crockpot. The best aspect of African cooking is there simplicity. They do not add a lot of spices in their food. Salt, pepper and chicken stock cube...these are the only spices they tend to use. Whereas mustard and prawn paste comes rarely and occasionally.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Macher Chop / Bengali Style Fish Croquets

Cha er songe “ta”...this gesture is more appropriate for us when there is wind storming outside with a water tank in its backpack. It’s of no indifference that whether it is heavily pouring or the rain resembles a sad catty meow which is humming its tune all day long without making itself tiring.

kolkata style macher chop recipe

bengali macher chop recipe

Monday, August 17, 2015

Kosha Aloor Dom / Bengali Style Spicy Dum Aloo

Today Abidjan was a little sunny. A great relief. But then from the afternoon it started pouring again. Mood was developing for a steaming bowl of soups, but the kitchen was a mess right then. Sundays are holidays, so my maid did not come today. Generally I complete my cooking on Saturday mornings, and use the leftovers for the dinner. Then again I cook on Sunday morning. And it turns into a complete mess. The used plates from the previous day, then there is the elaborate Sunday breakfast and then lunch. Now, the elaborate Sunday breakfasts are genuine basic needs. Someday they are luchi-aloordom with some suji halwa, somedays masala dosa with sambar, sometimes luchi-ghughni..and if there is some leftover Biriyani...I might not have to look for options then.

simple kosha bengali aloor dom recipe

kasha dum aloo preperation

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paneerer Torkari / Bengali Style Matar Paneer (no onion, no garlic)

This Niramish Paneerer Torkai / Pure Vegetarian Matar Paneer is probably the only veg dish to be made during pujas, when we had to eat pure vegetarian food. In winters, Cauliflower Curries or Navratan Kormas were also added to the menu....but to Bengalis then and till now the most popular vegetarian dish is Matar Paneer. And since we maintain satvic rule in eating vegetarian dishes, adding onion and garlic is a complete no no for then.

How to cook cottage cheese curry bengali style

bengali style matar paneer recipe

I like the matar paneer that is made with onions but this niramish paneerer torkari is more close to my heart. Maa used to make this whenever we wanted to eat paneer. With plain rotis or puffed up luchi / puri, matar paneer is an extremely delectable dish to fill your tummy without making you crave for non-veg dishes. Since we do not add onions in it, it has a tangy flavour in its gravy and a runny consistency.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Soya Pulao / Soya Chunk Pulao

 Last Sunday I made Soya chunk pulao / soya pulao for our lunch. It was a good break since every Sunday “mangsho bhaat” (meat and rice) is such a routine in our home. I made some quick raita to go with it...and it was plain bliss. Soya Chunks are meaty but they are such a delight to eat.

how to cook soya chunk pulao

how to make quick and easy soya pulao recipe

Macher Kochuri / Bengali Style Fish Kachori

Kachori or as we say it, Kochuri is a quintessential part of the Bengali food culture. These stuffed puris have filled Bengali’s tummy for ages.For us, stuffed parathas are not that important but stuffed kachoris are. The most famous being the “Koraisutir Kochuri”, which has become almost synosumous with the Bengalis. But there are lots of other kachori / kochuri, like this Macher Kochuri / Fish Kachori,  in Bengal too. Wait till I present each of them to you in later posts.

how to cook macher kochuri or fish kochuri

bengali maacher kochuri recipe

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bhuna Mug Daler Khichuri / Bhuni Khichdi with Brown Rice

This week in cash centre I saw a bunch of new Lebanese food products; all stacked in the display racks.  There were rose water and orange blossom water of different brands. A rack full of different kinds of pickles, pickled cucumber, pickled onion, pickled cabbage, pickled chillies and what not!!!! Then there were some Lebanese spices, like zatar, sumac, and seven spices. And then after them were the Tahini and Halvas. I was a little upset not to see Baklava there. They could sell some.:( I wanted to buy the Tahini...but then, I was tempted to try the Halva as well.

how to cook dal khichdi recipe

simple and easy moong dal khichri recipe

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sorshe Diye Bhapa Maach / Bengali Style Steamed Fish with Mustard Paste

Practically I have become dead and dull. A ghost structure with bristled nails and patchy toes. This goddamn weather is making everything dry. My skin needs moisture. I am thoroughly applying body lotions...but everything is going in vain. Lathering and massaging is being of no help...and my face suddenly has become itchy and red due to dryness. I really have no idea how to get rid of them. So I am ignoring all of them altogether, and rather concentrating on making a good substitute for Hilsa. We do not get Hilsa here. No substitute also. But I am adamant.

bhapa mach sorshe diye bengali style steamed fish

bengali steamed fish recipe bhapa sorshe mach

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sujir Payesh / Rava Kheer

Okay...So, now I am officially fed-up!! First it rained for a whole 1 and half month. Every time...morning, dawn, dusk, evening. I woke up with rain. In the noon it rained and when I went to sleep, then also it poured. Finally it stopped, we were relieved that finally monsoon took its time off, but then came this blotchy and patchy weather. We haven’t seen Sun for almost 2 months. It’s gloomy, cold, chilly, and foggy and I am all prepared to call it stinky too.

how to cook bengali style rava kheer with step by step pictures

All my dresses are stinking, shoes are stinking and the beds....sadly they will stink soon too. What am I going to do then??

Friday, August 7, 2015

Kacha Lanka Mangsho / Green Chilli Mutton Curry

I have a problem of stumbling. I mean I stumble quite frequently. Real deal. I even stumble upon plain floor, plain street...and even when I am not wearing any heal. My parents has tried to rectify this problem, I have tried all my life...but in vain. Nothing has shown even a tiny winy improvement on my stumbling style. Well the fact is, now...I am quite habituated with all these stumbling and tilting and hitting and then quite fortunately getting injured. It neither makes me feel awkward nor disturbed or even a little bit ashamed.

how to cook lonka mangsho or mutton with green chillies curry

how to cook kacha lanka mangsho

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chingri Posto / Bengali Style Prawns with Poppy Seeds Paste

Chingri posto / prawns with poppy seeds is rather new to me. I have never tasted prawns with poppy seeds, but it’s my husband who insisted that I should try it with prawns. people love any dishes with poppy seeds aka posto.However after I cooked it a couple of times, I rather myself got addicted to this particular taste of prawns. It’s really yummm. Besides, with the sizzling buzz of mustard oil this dish gets another high. You have to taste it yourself to know my feelings. A simple Bengali style prawn dish served at its best.

how to cook bengali style posto chingri or bengali style prawns with poppy seeds

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How To Make Uttapam ~ Onion and Tomato Uttapam

If you like Dosa..then Uttapam can never be far behind. It’s very similar like Dosa...only thicker. Also it has some toppings on it. It can be simple onion or mixed veggies or paneer or just carrot. In fact the combination of toppings are endless. It can be as simple as you like or as wild as your imagination can be.

simple onion uttapam recipe

 I sometimes add in some cooked potatoes and often go wild with adding cheese.  I mean Pizza is so calorie heavy that I always do this kind of tweaks.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Kerala Style Chicken Stew with Coconut Milk

I was a little relaxed after I bought my Dslr’s new battery charger. We checked it in the shop, heaved a sigh of relief and came back home. Then I pulled out the battery from my camera and place it into the charger and plugged into the plug point..and bang!!! It started blinking. The orange light, which indicated that the battery is being charged, was blinking rapidly. battery is dead too??? I checked the internet and it said that blinking means, there is a problem with the charger. I was furious. I was annoyed. I wanted to sue the salesman. So, 2 days later we went again. We handed the charger and our batter to the lady there and asked her to check which one is screwed up ...not that we used this particular language!! And to our utter astonishment, the ligh now was beaming steadily. No blinking, no shivering....the orange light stared at me like...okay....I am fine!! Why are you worried??

healthy chicken stew with vegetables and coconut milk step by step recipe

kerala style chicken stew recipe

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Butter flavored Masala Popcorn

This post was supposed to be up on Saturday morning..but I became too lazy and also had guests coming for diner, so as you can see I am posting a popcorn recipe up on Monday. Not very fruitful I know.
We went to the Grand Bassam Beach today. The weather was gloomy and it stated to rain all of a sudden. And it became so foggy that we could not see even the road across. However, we thought we will go and have lunch only...since we were already halfway through. Thankfully, it never rained today, but it was chilli. We could not bathe and for the first time in my life I craved for the sun. It was so cold there, that I wrapped myself with the stole I carried and gave away any hope of going into the ocean. We roamed near the shore, collected some shells as well....but didn't go deeper. Then our drinks were served and we returned.
Soon, the people there filled the swimming pool with warm water and all the kids dived into it. It was fun looking at them.

how to make masala popcorn in home

homemade butter popcorn recipe with spicy masala

Insidious 3 is here in 3D and I am so much eager to watch it. Hubby is so confused because it is running in French, but I am adamant that fear needs no language. Those screeches, goosebumps....they don't need any translator. He is in real agony now, after I have said the above sentence. He has lost all his hopes as I want to get scared by spending money.!!! Sigh!!!