Friday, November 22, 2013

Currently Reading: Charlotte's Web by E.B.White

Childhood is full of fascinating and enjoyable things if you know where to look. And books are the best place to look for them. Talking animals, giants, fairies, forbidden rooms are some of the factors that makes imagination more fashionable and gives them a wing to fly!!

When I took Charlotte's Web I had the least expectation that I will get all those things back again. But it did. With talking animals and a hidden agenda to save someone's makes itself a must read in the list of children's book.

The story is of Wilbur who is a spring pig destined to be slaughtered. But it seems that luck has some plans made for him from the beginning. He was born a runt and was on the edge of death when Fern, a little girl saved him. Then again, a grey spider, named Charlotte made plans to save him from becoming a fresh meat!! It gives a fresh representation of barn life and the lives of the animals who live their.
Their simple plain living, laughter, silly jokes made me feel like I am standing in front of them and I am the witness of their conversation. Then there is Templeton, a rat, who lives in the barn and eats from Wilber's meal and other leftovers. No one likes him because of his sneaky character but at right moment he never fails you.

The friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur is the main attraction of the story. Charlotte does everything to save his friend but never asks anything. She consoles Wilbur and cheers him up in need. At the end Charlotte dies and Wilbur saves her children by rescuing the egg sack. When the baby spider grows, eventually they leave but some of them always remain with them and becomes a friend of Wilbur. But no one ever could replace Charlotte.

To be straight the story is only this. But if you look a little deeper its full of freshness, subtle comedy and an undying friendship. Relationships never end..they are not meant to be ended. If its true then the feeling will remain same and will only grow with time. Death can never steal a person. Its the work with which you live long. Its the friends you make, who makes you live long with their memories and past moments!! This is a story of friendship and self- sacrifice. This also gives an impression of passing of time with Charlotte dying in the end. It is perfectly illustrated and with the simple writing at times it becomes heart wrenching as well.

It has made its own place in my heart. I wish I could have read it when I was a child. It has everything, from humor to seriousness to the grief of death of a very close and a loved person.  I will love to read it again and will love to read it to my younger sisters. The plus point it has some real good quotes. Some of them are :  "Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen", "She was in a class by herself. It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.", I loved the book entirely and I am a mere person to rate a classic. To best judge the book read it yourself or gift it to some child. That will best serve my post regarding the book.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Currently Reading: Delhi Is Not Far by Ruskin Bond

As a child and as a student I have always loved books. But of course the books have to be strictly out of my syllabus. It can be fiction, non fiction and I even enjoyed reading science books of senior classes and in holidays I used to read the only encyclopedia that I had in my home reading the different layers of the leaves, the atmosphere of mars and I was enchanted by the wondrous life under water.

 My mother was the only person there who encouraged me to read more but my excessive reading habits sometimes even irritated her to such an extreme level that she used to threat me to throw away all my books if I ignore my school books any longer. Belonging to a middle class family and reading in a bengali medium school I was more devoted towards bengali books be it modern or Tagore or Satyajit Roy than books of other language!! It was not until my 10th exam that I started reading english literature with a lot more interest!! But classics were of more interest then rather than Ruskin Bond or Roald Dahl. Its only recently that I came in touch with Ruskin Bond. The first story that I read was Time Stops at Shamli....and I was left enchanted. A few days later I got this book DELHI IS NOT FAR.

Delhi Is Not Far is about Arun and the people he knows around him. The story is based on a little town named Pipalnagar. Each person has their own lives and their own dreams of their future. The little and delicate details of their lives are heart touching. The lives are small and not full of events while the daily routine are same as they were yesterday. The friendship between and Arun and Suraj are something that every man on earth craves their friendship to be...without demand, without expectation but a heart full of care and worry for others. There is this barber named Deep Chand who has the dream of opening his own salon in Delhi and give a hair cut to the Prime Minister of India. Aziz  who also wants to go to Delhi. There is Kamala, another interesting character who appears to have a soft corner for Arun but Arun thinks she has fallen for Suraj.

Ruskin Bond has shown to describe the daily activity of life in a way that seems a blessing. Having the roof on top of our head and having friends beside makes the life a lot easier than being alone. The story ends with Arun going to Delhi and agreeing to a job for publishing house and writes a letter to his friend. I will not reveal more of the story as every piece of word is full of happiness and a purity that I only get from Ruskin Bond. With his magic touch the rusty roads and nooks and corners of Pipalnagar becomes lively. I come to know the town life...the frustration and the simplicity of it and I like it.

I look forward to read more from Ruskin Bond...I have already some of his works. And I enjoy reading his children's story the most. If you are reading this and have any rading suggestions about Ruskin Bond feel free to share with me in the comment section.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Currently Redaing - The Promise by Nikita Singh

I read a lot of books and they are mainly fictions. But when it comes to the new Indian writers writing English books and novels I generally give it a pass...but I regret it so much now!! I picked up this book THE PROMISE as I needed to feel my cart for the free shipping amount and after it came home I was lying at one side of the rack where I first kept it. Then one day in another passing moment I picket it up and started reading. And once started reading it was hard to put that down.

The story is of Samvabi and Arjun. They meet, fall in love split up and then get reunited again. I am not going to tell the small details behind that because to know them you need to read them.  The turns and twists in the stories are quite predictable but with the flow that the story is written it seems a joy ride!!! I never stumbled upon the entire book feeling bored. It has something that hooked me up till I finished the book.

The book and the character Samvabi is heavily inspired by FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Some of the dialogues and expressions and situations have their own resembles. But as much I hated the previous one...the so called 'nyakami' of Samvabi left me giggled with laugh!! And god...I loved her innocence in that!!

The only time that I skipped some pages were the time when Samvabi was recovering. While the falling in love phase is so delicately and beautifully portrayed the the story afterwards is bit loosely woven until they breakup based on some misunderstandings. But otherwise its as fresh as a bread just out of the oven and I am more than glad that I read it. The freshness and the madness of falling in love and controlling the uncontrollable emotion are everywhere around the book. As good as I felt while reading this part, their separation and suffering had equal effect on me.

All in all, although the story is not much different The Promise makes a promise to you that it will not let you forget itself with its dewy fresh charm and the brimming young writer's thoughtful mind in it. I am planning to buy Nikita Singh's If its not forever its not love now. Hope that will be as much enjoyable as this was!!