Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life on the other side of Atlantic

When I was leaving India someone close to my heart told me to write a diary. It may be of 2 lines or 2 words or 2 pages. After exactly one month of my marriage I feel the urge to write my diary...and which place can be of more comfort than my blog..!!
I am not going to talk about my marriage, the occasions, relatives, jewelery, food, make ups and sarees...I was under a peer pressure..of course any bride will be. I saw everyone coming and laughing and eating and enjoying...and I on the other hand was sitting like a doll and posing for the photos. There was a thrill for the new life as well as there was the tension that everything should go well. But all went well and here I am on the other side of Atlantic completely prepared to start a new chapter of our life in a completely new place.
Everybody was asking me that how am I feeling...coming to a different place, where everything is so strange and new for me lead me to think that what am I thinking. But I was feeling no difference. The sense that I was with some one whom I love and always wanted to be with was so saturated within me that I could feel no more. But now when he is in the office and I am in home....with my pet cat and laptop and was looking towards the indigo sky where wind was swaying the leaves of a coconut tree...suddenly a thought occurred for the first time that I am no longer with my family, and I can not run to them and yes...finally I am in a different country a different place and in a different society.