Friday, January 15, 2016

No Churn Vanilla Ice-cream with Chocolate Chips

Not that everytime I resort for this no – churn ice cream recipe but this one is a life savior in the time of crisis. Just whipping and freezing is all you have to do to a get a lush creasy box of frozen treat.

vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips recipe

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Potato and Cauliflower Stuffed Paratha / Aloo Gobi Paratha / Aloo Fulkopi Paratha

We eat Aloo Paratha at least once a week. It’s almost a staple like rice in our home. But in winter it’s a crime if you cook anything with potatoes only. There are so many vegetables in the market that indulgence comes naturally. But nothing can be better than cauliflower.

how to make potato and cauliflower stuffed paratha

Friday, January 8, 2016

Rava Upma / Suji Upma

Sujir Upma / Rava Upma used to be a frequent breakfast dish and evening snack in our home. Suji in any form was very popular in our family. Mishti suji or sujir payesh or sujir upma...they were quite regular. I remember a very funny incident of mine when I was first cooking the suji upma. I forgot to add the green chillies, so while the veggies were being cooked I hurriedly chopped some chillies and then added them to the veggies. After that I wiped my face with that hand to rub off sweat. I completely forgot at that time that I hadn;t washed my hand after cutting the chillies and my whole face was in a blazing situation. I hurried to toilette and washed my face with soap but that was too late. Later to ward off the burning sensation I had to rub ice on my face. After this incident I always...always wash my hands after I cut vegetables. Quite an experience...!!

how to cook suji upma

how to cook rava upma recipe

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Veg Soya Keema Matar

I am not much of a lover of veg food. Never was. If it’s not meat then it has to be fish. is staple in any Bengali household..right???  Or else it has to be a potato curry. This is the routine I maintained till I got married. And after one month of our marriage the whole scenario changed and I faced a do or die situation. The egg curry that our first cook in Abidjan, served us that day was horrible. It was literally bitter and had a very strong raw garlic flavour. It was evident that she was cooking Indian food for the first time. This type of experience went for a few days and I gave up my hope of having an experienced cook. Because what I saw that people here train their cooks according to their style. So when you appoint a new cook she will cook according to their previous employee and you have to train them again. This situation arises mainly because they do not come with an Indian taste. They just follow the rules of frying and simmering. If it works...and if it doesn’t then you are screwed!! So you have to give that time to your cook so that she can understand your taste and preferences. And with time she will be accustomed with them too!!

soya keema matar recipe soya granules curry recipe

how to cook soya keema matar recipe

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Vegetable Roll

I had a very filling New Year. And I mean it. The resort where we went for our New Year's eve party had all the fresh sea foods in their buffet. Fresh prawns and squids filled our plates in the dinner and you could literally smell the sea behind them. We had a really good time. But in the evening there were mosquitoes in the beach and I have red and swollen mosquito bites all over the legs and arms. I hate it. Next day we spent the morning there and later on our way home we went to an Indian restaurant called "Namaste India". After a long long time I had Indian food which was not home cooked. The kebabs were soft and succulent and perfect in taste. We ordered Malai Kebab, Sheekh Kabab, Pahadi Kebab and Paneer Tikka kebab. All of them were great!! In the main course we took Tandoori roti, Chicken Tikka Masala, Mutton Kadai and Chicken Biriyani. After the tempting and impressive starter, main course was a real let down. The Biriyani was soggy and tasteless. The roti came under-cooked and the mutton kadai was just another mutton curry with no trace of the kadai masla. But the lassis, gulab jamun and kulfi came out okay..and whatever the main course was...the dessert made sure that our meal had a perfect sweet ending note.

how to make veg roll vegetable roll recipe