Thursday, May 29, 2014

Semiya Payasam

how to cook Semiya Payasam

 Is there any concept like post-marital fat??? Then I am a walking evidence of that notion. Only in 4 months I have gained over 5kg and now I am turning all the people around me including me upside down to fins a way to cut down this extra part of me!! And diet seemed to be the first way. But I can not stay away from food for a long time. Not that I eat a lot....but I believeing in eating less but eating good. May be eating lesser can work for me..ehh????

how to cook Semiya Payasam

I make kheer a lot. Kheer is an excellent option when it comes to dessert or making something quickly for guests. Semiyan payasam is made with vermicelli noodles, which are made from rice. It just gets ready in a small time and another good feature it has is that it does not require your whole attention. So you can just put it on the stove and do other works in the mean time. I am posting two ways to prepare this Semiyan. One just sways away any diet consciousness and other one is a little light in texture.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kima Matar

how to cook keema matar

Its only the scarcity of something that makes you versatile. If you are totally desperate then you will try everything to make that empty place fill in again. And yes..I am going through that phase right now.You may have heard it a lot of time from me but I am telling you again...I don't not get different veggies here. Although potato is a staple ingredient in our meals but I tend to avoid that whenever I can. So I have to do away with different meats to fill in my stomach. We don't get mutton here so easily but what I get is more delicious than mutton. We get lambs.

how to cook keema matar

 And more than the meat I love the minced lamb more. It can be used as a filling of momo. You can make Irish meat pie with it. You ca use this infused with some spices to make the filling of a roll. It can go easily with burger and lots more. But I did...what I do best. I went for something Indian. I made Kima Matar.
I was basically thinking about making Aloo Matar but then I remembered that I have minced lambs in my refrigerator. So add kima in place of aloo and your delicious Kima Matar is ready in no time. Its super fast and easy and it has a tangy taste in it..which is just yummyyy!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Spicy Sardines

One of the most interesting feature of being addicted to Indian taste buds is that you can never be far way from a spicy dish. You may like Italian cuisine, French Desserts and English cakes but its only the Indian spices and curries and tikhi mirchi is what makes your day!!! For me its undoubtedly true!! And the saddest event that can ever happen to a foody is living in such a place where you have zero connection with Indian street foods and restaurants. I was never ever a vegan...but now I miss my mother's Uche-begun bhaja which is basically fried chopped eggplant and neem leaves with a drizzle of oil and salt. This is eaten as a starter and accompanied with steamed rice.
Here we don't have abundant river fishes which I am accustomed with. But being a coastal country it has an abundant supply of sea fishes. But raised as a bong girl I am in terrible missing zone of Rui, Katla, Tyangra mach!!:(:( One specialty of this place is you can get veggies, fishes and meats in their fresh phase as well as canned. I prefer the fresh ones and avoid eating anything frozen, or canned. But I find this canned sardines here excessively inexpensive and tasty and with a mother load of opportunities to adapt to your own tastes. Three kinds of canned sardines are available here - with tomato sauce, with salt and pepper and with vegetable oil. Although I cook all three of them accordingly but its the tomato one that I prefer most. Paired with steamed rice or chapati its an all time hit in my dinner table. Since I am Indian ( of course...hard to miss) and bengali ( another non-missable feature ) I cooked the sardines in my way with lots of spices and chilly. If you have time prepare some green salad and it can be a quick savior when you run out of ideas or goods!!! Although I always use canned sardines, market bought sardines will be equally great...I am sure.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Amer Doi Bhapa / Baked Curd With Mango

how to make Amer Doi Bhapa

Its summer time and mangoes are the real treasures now!!! One thing I am missing soooo badly now are the yellow...reddish juicy mangoes flooding the streets of Kolkta with its unique sweet fragrance!!! There may be a lot of dishes that can be made with mango but there is nothing more delicious than eating a ripe mango alone...with its juice dripping slowly from the fingers and then following the arm and then dripping finally from the elbow, and one, so intoxicated with its taste and flavor that all this nuisance is beyond recognition now...of course they can wait!!
Earlier I thought I will not get mangoes here but I was wrong. But I find my Kolkata mangoes way better than the mangoes I find rather than eating the mangoes alone I wanted to make something with them. Sometimes I freeze them in the freezer too and those frozen mangoes tastes sooo yum...just like ice cream!!! Try them some times...may be you will like them too. But now today its the time for Doi Bhapa with  Mangoes!!

Dish Reminder (update):

  • I like my bhapa doi to be little liquid when I make it with mangoes. So it is not so thick as you can see from the pictures. But if you like them to be more thick such that you can un-mold them then reduce the amount of milk and increase the amount of condensed milk. For 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of curd use 400ml/1 can of condensed milk. This will give you the desired thick consistency  in your Bhapa Doi.