Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dosa / Idli / Uttapam Batter Recipe ~ Tips & Tricks

I had thought for a while that whether I should post about making the idli / dosa / uttapam batter recipe. I have not grown up with it. Nor did I have seen any of my family members or relatives making idli / dosa in home. I grew up eating lots of rice, dal, aloo posto and a good amount of fish, and trust me, there eating idli or dosa was a luxury and all of them had to be bought from the market or restaurants. That is why, I wanted to write this post, to describe the difficulties I faced, and how I overcame them. As a Bengali, this is my humble attempt to help those (specially those who are not familiar with making Idlis and Dosas in home) , who want to make these dishes but are facing a hard time.
There was a restaurant called Madras Tiffin in Hatibagan, which used to be our soul destination for eating Dosas. There was another South Indian restaurant in front of my college, but there the price was so high that we preferred eating Fried Rice than Dosa / Idli.

how to make a perfect dosa batter

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lassi / Punjabi Lassi

We have a collage of our pictures on our bedside table. It consists of our pictures from our single as well as married life...and by co –incidence or some unknown dubious activity of our unconscious mind, if we see the pictures clock-wise, each of them falls in the exact chronological manner, i.e. before marriage, on the day of the marriage and after marriage. We did not plan that...but it had made me happy that the pictures had been placed in such a style.

I used to put a plastic sheet over our dining table for safety reasons. First, because of the cats...I don’t know what it is with the dining table, but whatever I prepare for them, they just like to sleep on that particular furniture. They rest their back on the extended part of the chair and soon become soundly asleep. Sometimes they knock off the salt and pepper shakers, tilt the short scattering everything is their most favourite night time hobby. But whatever it is, I have come to hate the sheet for its stickiness and shiny surface. So I finally I have removed that last week...and I think it looks pretty without it.

simple sweet lassi recipe / how to make punjabi lassi recipe

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Egg Fried Rice

I am feeling like making Daal Puri...with yummy spicy chickpeas curry. J The inspiration came from the Food Network, where I saw a chef making a giant puri capable of feeding and satisfying two people. Dal puri is basically a spiced yellow lentils stuffed tortillas, which are then deep fried or sautéed in some oil. Then she made the chickpeas curry. The process was very different from making Chole and a little similar to making gughni. The recipe of course included the regular spices like paprika, cumin and curry powder...which I guess is a special blend of garam masalas. What intrigued me most was her abundant use of black peppers in the recipe, and the way she prepared the chickpeas. The preparation itself was so elaborate that the curry was destined to be tasty. I am sure I am going to try this recipe soon.

simple egg fried rice recipe and how to cook

Monday, July 27, 2015

Kumror Chakka / Bengali Style Dry Pumpkin and Potato Curry

For the last one year I tried to make a perfect Dosa batter as well as making crispy dosa, idli and uttapam. I have seen my mother and aunts struggling with the same issues for years...and I struggled with the same. But for the first time today I succeeded in making a perfect uttapam. It was crispy round, properly fermented and spongy. If you have not grown up in a house where making idli or sambar is part of the daily diet....then maybe you will understand my frustration. Only I know how much batter, effort and time I had wated on them  and finally ate torn or soggy or rubbery dosa. But finally all those efforts have payed off...really...I am very happy today.

how to cook kumror chakka or aloo kumror torkari recipe

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Macher Dimer Bora / Bengali Style Fish Egg Fritters

My cats had peed on my dslr's battery charger. And it's totally screwed up now. The charger is no longer working and currently the battery is already halfway through. If I can't find a new one, I have to dig up my Canon Power Shot, which I used earlier. Lets hope at least I will get an universal charger if not the original one.:(

bengali style fig eggs fritters recipe and method / fish egg pakora recipe

Friday, July 24, 2015

White Chicken Pulao / White Rice Pilaf with Chicken

My cats are eating dates. We have got a big batch of dates as gifts during Ramadan and today I gave some of them to my husband in the evening. One of my cats came near, started sniffing as usual and then with his paw he tried to snatch it. At first we thought he was just playing and moved away the plate from him. He came around that way too and continued snatching. This time I rose up the plate and he started climbing over me. Meowing continuously and rubbing his head against my arms...he almost pleaded for the dates. Plump, big, and dark brown...those dates surely were gorgeous!! May be he fell in love with their looks!!

easy white chicken pulao method with step by step pictures

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Lately I am hearing and reading so much on having a proper diet and eating healthy and within limit. All these are good things. Good traits to be undertaken. Good habits to look forward. Some of them have helped me to carve out a proper diet for me. To choose healthy options and mostly inspired me to have a regular schedule for exercise. It really helped me a lot for the past few months. Made me fit. I have lost a substantial amount of weight and I feel light and healthy from inside.

homemade smooth and creamy dark chocolate ice cream recipe without ice cream maker

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pyaj Posto / Bengali Style Dry Onion Curry with Poppy Seeds Paste

Music is therapeutic. The more I listen, the more I become addicted to the peace it gives to my mind, body and soul. True...that sometimes an external force becomes so powerful that it can calm down the inner chaos.

hpw to cook bengali style dry onion curry with poppy seeds paste recipe

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Aloo Seddho Makha / Bengali Style Mashed Potato

“Aloo Seddho bhat’e” is every Bengali’s that comfort food, which can never be replaced with any other. A recipe so simple, a taste so intriguing, it’s a dish that introduces and summarizes an entire caste’s food culture in one plate. Its strong ambiance defines the ultimate meaning of simplicity. It’s beyond my imagination that a dish, this simple can woo every generation with its invisible charisma. However life is meaningful and beautiful when it is looked upon simply but realized deeply.

how to make bengali style mashed potato recipe

Monday, July 20, 2015

Chingri Diye Pyaj Kolir Torkari / Chingri Pyaj Koli / Bengali Style Dry Spring Onion Curry With Prawns

One of the tasty attractions of winters in Kolkata is the abundant availability of the green onions / spring onions. However do not confuse them with the very fresh and young spring onions, which are used in the Chinese / Thai cooking. The spring onions, which we Bengalis love to eat, are the all grownups (but their bulb is not yet swelled up), which have a small bud on top of it. May be that is the reason they are called “pyaj koli”, which literally means, the bud of an onion. These spring onions are also thick in texture and also bear a sweet smell.

how to cook chingri diye pyaj kolir torkari

Saturday, July 18, 2015

White Chicken Handi

The media is going so ga – ga over “Bahubali”. Hmmmm.....then I watched a song of this movie on You Tube. I think it was something like Bachasi Pattu, don’t know for sure. But yes, I have to admit, the set was gorgeous and so so perfect. Everything there had a pinkish tone and it contrasted perfectly with the sharp royal blue streaks here and there. I kind of liked the tune too. No idea about the lyrics, but I loved the girl’s make up. It was so smooth and so romantic. The tenderness on her face made me drooling over the song.  Will I watch this movie?? Clearly....right now, I have no idea. I have only seen a poster of this movie, which had the lead actor carrying the “Shiv Linga”.Not so much impressed/:p

simple chicken handi recipe and haow to cook white chicken handi

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Guacamole - Mexican Avocado Spread

Guacamole is such an easy-peasy dish, which really needs no introduction as well as description. But for those, who does not know, here is the info, Guacamole is a Mexican spread come dip, which is made with mashed avocado and then chopped onion, tomato, lemon juice, salt and pepper is added.  This is the simplest recipe of guacamole.

simple avocado spread or dip recipe or guacamole recipe

Aloo Bori Jhol / Thin Potato Curry with Bengali style Sund Dried Dumplings

Earlier I have spoken a lot of things about bori here. Bori is a typical Bengali style sun dried dumpling, which are made with lentils. The lentils are then made into a paste and after that whipped into a batter. Then they are given a tear drop like shape with the help of hand and sun dried until crisp. Later they are collected and preserved separately according to their flavours and type of lentils in jars to eat throughout the year. Bori / sun dried dumplings are generally made during the summer because of its abundance supply of good quality heat from the sun.  

how to cook aloo bori jhol

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fruit Custard

Today I made Popcorns from corns. It was amazing. I felt really shame on spending so much money on ACT II popcorns for years. Really??? What did they do exceptional?? They just added the butter with some specific spices and then put in the sachets!!! And that way they fooled and fed the whole nation. Sheessh!!!! What a waste!!

how to make fruit custard recipe

no bake custard recipe

Then I made my egg toast today in a different way!! I added some chopped onions and bell peppers to the whisked eggs. Then I sliced my bread slices in small bite size pieces. Toasted them on the pan till they become crispy on both the sides. I drizzled some oil, and then poured the eggs on top of them. Flipped over when the other side fried. Then I transferred the entire mess in an oven proof pan and almost covered it with some fresh mozzarella. Baked for 3 minutes, sprinkled some pepper and sumac and literally dug in. Yummmm!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Chilli Paneer

Today is Nuit De Destine in Ivory Coast and as a result, tomorrow is another Sunday for Mr. Husband!! Eid is quite near, and the super markets are now filled with ready made assembled gifts and iftar dishes. May be for the same reason, the supermarkets are super flooded with people now a days and many of the items there, are going out of stock. People are also seen on the street with their religious clothes, and in the ground floor of our building, a small group of people gather everyday to read Namaz, in the afternoon.

How to cook chilli paneer recipe

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Chingri Macher Matha Diye Chorchori / Bengali Dry Vegetable Curry With Prawn heads

Expect some more prawn dishes, as I am recovering from heavy doses of prawn addiction. According to me and my family the real taste of the prawns lies in their heads. And I really have no idea why, but their heads taste freaking juicy and tasty, every time I try them. So I feel real pity on them as well as on me, to throw them away. So I keep them, or side by side, I just cook up this chorchori, to prevent myself from this horrendous crime of wasting of one of the world’s tastiest food ingredient.

mach diye chorchi

This chorchori or Bengli dry vegetable curry with prawn heads / chingri macher matha diye chorchori  is a family recipe, which I learnt from my aunt. In our home, seldom anyone throws away prawn heads, as they can make any chorchori delicious. You can replace the prawn heads with any actual fish heads...and do I need to say that they are extremely tasty too???

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hyderabadi Style Dum Murgh

I hate to call it a “songsar” (it’s what everyone call the family in Bengali which you start after your marriage), as “song” in Bengali means “clown” and “sar” means the “jist”. I hate it because it gives me the impression that we are literally monkeying  around for good for nothing, and we are always trying to get answers for those incidents which are so much self- created.  Sheess!!! I am happy calling them my family, “songsar” just gives me creeps and shivers. I, my husband and our cats are a big happy family!!!!!

How to cook Hyderabadi Dum Murgh recipe

Friday, July 10, 2015

Paneer Butter Masala

Sometimes, life brings nothing new and you have to move on holding the same old routine in the same old pace. The same thing is now happening with me. I have nothing new in my pocket except the same routine, that I live every day.

paneer butter masala with step by step pictures

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Prawn Bhuna / Prawn Bhuna Masala

Today I woke up before 7:00 A.M....too early for me!! Then I fed the kittens and went back to the bed to lie down. As I lie there, with my eyes little itching and burning from the lack of sleep, I felt a heavy urge to eat something lush. There can never be a better start of the day other than this.

how to cook prawn bhuna masala

In Kolkata, lush breakfast means, Kochuri and Ghughni, Dal Puri with spicy Potato Curry, Dosa and Sambar, luchi alurdom, jilipi or jalebi, malpua dripping lush sticky syrups...and much more. And if there is leftover Biriyani from last night...breakfast can turn into a heavy feast. Biriyanis taste so much good after one day. However apart from the leftover Biriyani, every other lush breakfast were bought from the parar dokan / local shop. I wish we had such a shop at the rastar mor / turn of the street to quench my thirst for all these.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal / Macher Matha Diye Bhaja Muger Dal / Bengali style Mung dal with fish head

I always like controversial characters. Clean characters are so plain and dull. And they are always the perfect, beautiful and most importantly favoured. But if you pick up the villains or the scandalous ones, you will be able to see a real character. They have a flair for their passion, they are versatile, they are virtuous at one second and completely ransacked in the other. And what I love most is that they have these different layers of character, which is interesting and full of real human emotions. Their story tells up rising up from the ashes, being neglected and finally turning villainous after being rejected from their deserving share of success. A lot of drama and infinitely more twisting emotions. I just love them. If you can see properly then you will understand that it is them who makes a story all going...and interesting. Without them everything looses their charm. Without them their is no one to be defeated. There is simply no purpose.

how to cook macher matha diye muger dal  recipe

Monday, July 6, 2015

Paneer Roll or Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll

I am totally exhausted right now. Lying on my bed, currently I am finding it very hard to keep my eyes open, even for one more minute. But I have to give you the good news. Today, one of my cats gave birth to 5 awesome cute kittens. Its a very good news. I helped her throughout the entire process, cleaned her, cleaned her kittens as well....but then, she abandoned her kittens entirely on me. Too bad. Too bad. Now she is not feeding them or even licking or warming them up. So to solve the problem, I have put all the kittens in a basket with some worn out clothes of ours. Then we have put a lamp over them to keep their body temperature balanced. Now I just pray, they survive on this cow milk, that I am feeding them right now. Because I was unable to find any kitten milk solution in the nearest vet store.

homemade panner tikka roll recipe

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Chirer Polao or Bengali Poha Pulao or Bengali Flattened Rice Pilaf

Some people should never get mad. You know why??? Because they can't handle it. In the finale, what they finally get is an enormous emotioanl breakdown. I know...I know...again I am sharing my gyan. But when I say that I belong to those mad category, all these suddenly makes sense!!

How to cook chirer polao recipe

I don't know why I fight and why I get mad. Most of the time they are really petty whether to go for shopping or not, or whether Salman Khan is vegetarian or not or whether a movie we just watched makes a real sense or not. Really childish issues, but huge dramas can take place because of them, I tell you. Sometimes matters go to such an extent that we undertake cold war, because fighting really then does not solve anything. My poor husband!! What dramas he has to bear!! I am such a nuisance!!:(

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Chicken Xacuti

Suddenly my cats have started to consider my hair drier as their enemy. Every time I switch on that tiny machine, all of them rush to my room and sit around me very obediently..with their fur swelled up, ears  spine straight and puffed up seems they are very very angry and all ready to attack this vicious beast who is making all these noise and can sometime be a threat to their very existence. One even tries to come near me and pounce it with his open claw and then jumps back in astonishing horror. Finally I am done and then wrap it up in one of the drawer. They stroll around it, stretches themselves to the hight of the drawer to scratch a little...and then hopelessly returns back to their own work, i.e sleeping and eating.

How to cook goan chicken shakuti recipe

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Aloo Kumro diye Chingri Macher jhol / Prawn curry with potato and pumpkin

In schooldays I envied my mother for staying home in the noon. As I had day school the only time I could stay home in the afternoon was the holidays. But Ma used to press me to sleep at that time. Those afternoons were treasures for me as a kid. As there were usually no one to keep an eye on us (they used to be busy in taking a quick and long after lunch nap), we kids used to start on our ventures. Ma used to take me forcefully to bed to sleep with me and grabbed me with her arms, while she slept. My god....I think those used to be really torturous long moments for me at that time, as I used to keep quite, waiting for her to fall asleep. And as soon as her grip loosened, I used to shift her hand very slowly and steadily and with jut 2 jumps....I used to be on the rooftop.

how to cook bengali style Aloo Kumro diye Chingri Macher Jhol

how to cook bengali style Chingri Macher Jhol