Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simple Red Lentils / Musurir Dal Makha

Once I read a story about a boy. The boy wanted to read a book. It was a suspense thriller and he dreamed of reading it. That particular book was chart topper at that time. But he did not have sufficient money to buy that. The only rich boy in his class bought it and showed it off relentlessly, without allowing anyone to even touch it. With time the boy grew up and eventually forgot about the book. Then one day, roaming in the market of old books, he caught a glance of that book of his childhood dream. Old, ragged and torn from sides....the book awakened his old and forgotten wish. He bought that book and took it home. Made a place for this book in his precious library. He looked at it, touched it, caressed its hardcover and even breathed its smell...but couldn't make himself read the book. His only fear was that...his sky high expectations might be greater than the simple joy of reading the book....that...that it might kill his love for the book, which he had preserved so far with great care.

how to make bengali style red lentils

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lau Chingri / Sweet Bottle Gourd With Shrimp

I had been a rebel for the last one year. I did everything that I could not do for the last 25 years of my life. In short...I broke every rule of my life...everything that I have maintained so be a good girl, to make my life a good one.  One of the factors that made me do all these was the frustration of living alone in a god forsaken unknown country. I used to neglect my appetite, the household chores that needed my attention and mostly I neglected my health. Instead I used to sleep all day day I slept for almost 18 hours!!! I became unnecessarily irritated over small matters, and always wanted to crawl back home...where I would feel like being home and do something meaningful.

how to cook bengali style lau chingri