Friday, October 31, 2014

Mete Chorchori / Bengali Goat Liver Curry

I never liked this liver aka mete. I always transferred this particular part to my sister's plate. Yuck!! That was my expression..when I first heard about this curry. How could possibly a person can eat a whole meal with just goat liver!! But that was only a short lived moment because eventually I came to know that my husband loves to eat liver. Oneday he came home with goat liver, along with the meat. But just need one bite of this fiesty curry to fall in love with this. This dry, scrumptious curry is all you need to finish off your entire meal.

how to bengali style mete chorchori

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mug Dal Sedho / Sticky Boiled Mung Dal

As I started cooking, the morbid feeling eased out from me slowly. Because its the cooking that makes me engaged to something productive rather than doing nothing. The feeling of uneasiness that built; up around me was something that I was eager to let go. And what I needed was some comfort food that would occupy myself fully. After some dusting and cleaning, I made up my mind to prepare the meal within 1 hour. I  made rice, boiled mung dal and fried some fish. Then retired to my room with a fresh feeling and finished writing my shopping list for India.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hariyali Murgh / Green Chicken

Green Chicken or chicken cooked in a nice thick green sauce is my father's favorite. Its a must have in winters, when the coriander leaves are available abundantly in Kolkata. There are many variations of this Hariyali Murgh recipe. Some adds only coriander leaves, some adds the mixture of coriander leaves, mint leaves and spinach. But what I do is, I make a mix of coriander leaves, mint leaves and green chilies. I make a different chicken dish with the spinach leaves, because I think the flavor of spinach is so different that it needs a special mention and a special dish. However you are free to add the spinach leaves.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Robibarer Murgir Jhol / Bengali Style Chicken Curry

I am not a writer. This blog is just a getaway for me to scribble everything that comes to my mind. Its a place where writing makes me happy and I want to share my happiness with you, whoever is reading my blog with the recipes that I have come to acquire from my families, friends and books. There are days when I am happy above the seventh sky. And there are days when I just want to dunk my mood through the gutter, so that I can replace it with a new one. When I just want to see the blue sky and when I just don't get tired playing with my 4 cats. But whatever it is...I love my life, the way it is, the way it was, and the way it used to be. Everyday is just another experience added to the C.V, I am writing from the day 1 of your life. It can be a good one,or a bad one...and as far as I have seen..its never a wasted one. Some says...if you are sad, start cooking and your mood will improve on its own. I have never found this useful for me. Whenever I have tried to cook with my sunken state of mind, it has turned out to be a disaster. As for me, my mood gets an instant uplift,with  the smell of a good food. Exactly like it used to be with the smell of my mother's food.

how to cook bengali style robibarer murgir jhol

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kasha Mangsho / Mutton Kasha / Bengali Style Dry Mutton Curry

Kosha Mangsho is a special Bengal delicacy. Whereas a Mangshor Jhol is a noon dish, preferable to go with rice the Kosha Mangsho is a dinner dish, preferably to go with roti or parathas or luchi (puri). We used to have Kasha Mangsho whenever we had guests in our house. Juicy mutton pieces cooked in rich yogurt sauce makes this dish all the more delicious and tempting. And its perfect if you are hosting a party or gathering.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Awadhi Chicken Korma / Chicken Korma Awadhi Style

This week has become quite eventful from the beginning. I got my masalas delivered to me from India recently..and I was all above the seventh sky when I finally laid my hands on them. Who knew...someday spices will make me soooo happy! But then phone was all going bonkers. It stopped functioning that night. So, next day hubby bought a new phone for me!! Initially I was reluctant...but once I got the phone on my was all yaayyy!!! It was like giving a shiny, new toy to a playful child. I pushed away everything..and installed all my useful apps there. Once I became familiar with all the functions, it joined my kept aside laptop and tab. By then the child had become tired and was feeling all sleepy!Phew!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Saoji Mutton

As a child I was never ever a vegetable eater. But my mother was determined. So, in my early childhood she made me eat by promising to tell me stories of the fairies. When I started going to school, the trick was bribing or beating. She used to bribe me on the holidays when there was plenty of time and on the weekdays when there used to be rush, usually the beating used to get her the work.One tight slap lead me to cry at the highest pitch of my voice and while I cried with my swelling eyes and opened up mouth, mother swiftly used to put handful of rice, to fulfill her ultimate objective. Quick..but really a tedious method. Someone has said so right that memories are always confusing. The bitter memories always brings smile with it.
But later on I became less fussy, and with time I went on to becoming a silent eater. I eat whatever there is on the plate. Be it vegetables or chicken or fish. Mother also used to feel proud on the fact that I create no nonsense regarding the food matter. But there was only one dish, with which I had a particular preference, that is, the chicken should be hot and spicy and red. And Apart from the Bangalir Kosha Mangsho I have not seen any dish that much spicy and hot and red. I have shared the recipe of Chicken Kosha here. Will be posting the mutton kosha soon enough.:)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dimer Jhol / Dimer Dalna

Egg Curry is a very popular dish in India, which we Bengalis say Dimer Dalna / Dimer Jhol. The first term, Dimer Dalna is addressed by the Bengalis residing in West Bengal, proudly calling themselves Ghoti and the second term Dimer Jhol is addressed by the Bengalis residing in the erstwhile East Bengal, now Bangladesh, who are called Bangal. Basically both the dishes are same in texture, taste, and in every angle. The only difference is that, the Ghotis' add sugar in the curry, which is simply a no-no situation for the Bangals'. Dimer Dalna / Dimer Jhol is a very popular Bengali egg curry and is repeatative in our daily food lives because of our love towards egg. We can eat a whole meal with an omlete and butter/ghee and rice. Dimer Jhol is more of a kind of subtle and everyday gravy dish, compared to its Dimer Kosha counterpart, which is a rich, hot and dry dish. Whereas Dimer Kosha goes with roti or chapatis, Dimer Jhol / Dimer Dalna goes perfetctly well with rice. When I was in school, mother used to make this dish in the morning. I used to eat the rice with the egg white and then in the end savored the egg yolk with some salt. My best friend eats mashed egg yolk with salt and green chilies.

Myself, being a proper Bengali (I hate the term Bong), is a Ghoti by birth but since my mother is of Bangladesh origin, I grew up in a complete Bangal attire and atmosphere. Sometimes I mix up the terms or processes in Bangal which my husband can't understand and says, this is what happens when you marry a girl of Bangal Bari (i.e. house).:)