About Me

Hi...I am Poulami..and I am the writer, editor and photographer of this blog and I just love everything about food. I am a hardcore non-vegetarian and a wholehearted Bengali foodie. I went inside the kitchen because I had to. Once you get married..."mayer ranna kora khabar" is something you crave for and nothing can come an inch close to that. On top of that I moved to a completely alien city in West Africa. So the best option available to me was "me". And once I started..there was no looking back.

Now I am not just another foodie...but a food blogger. A profession that gives me satisfaction with every passing day. I believe that anyone who wishes to cook can cook...its just that you need to have that love for food...and once you discover the magic of transforming ingredients into a luscious platter...you will love it even more.
All the recipes that you see here had been tried and tested in my kitchen a number of times...before making their way to the blog. But I would love to have feedback from you. If you want to share your thought regarding my work or say anything or share with me everything or just want to say hi...shoot an e-mail at me at : piyamallick649@gmail.com.
Till then...ciao!!

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