Thursday, March 13, 2014

May your all wish come true

When I was in school I was perhaps the most extrovert girl any one has ever seen. I talked loudly. I laughed with my heart out. I remember myself talking to a total stranger in a long conversation. Those were the time I loved being at home. I looked forward for the Sunday because mother will cook something special that day. I could spend a sleepless night just with gossiping with my sister. But then day by day...nothing changed. But one day everything seemed to be different for me. Be it the home or outside. Rather than talking with everyone I started being comfortable with just a few of my close friends. I talked less and I started smiling rather than laughing. I realized that I cannot trust everyone here. Not everyone will understand my problems. Not everyone will be happy with happiness. And not everyone is worthy of trust with my secrets. Of course everybody has secrets....and they are special to themselves. Some will win the trust but will miss no opportunity to make your life miserable. And these people are the most dangerous ones that I have seen so far...they act like a friend but they are the worst enemies.
And I have only one precious life that the merciful God had granted me. And I will rather choose this one to be full of one good friend than making it full with thousand peoples with masked faces.  After seeing all the foul faces around myself and encountering some distressed situations I got to know how the real world works here. Those childhood fantasies are over. Time was ripe for some  grown up actions. But then I met my husband. Well he was not my husband back then. But he is lets refer to him like that. And after meeting him and after I started knowing him I was so surprised and sometimes I also could not believe that can a person, in a society like ours, posses such a great moral character like him?? Can anyone be so good that referring good also seems a little less?? It may sound a little exaggerating but his friends and family and one of my friends who met him knows how much truth is in the above words. With him everything is good. With him every negative side has a positive sign. With him I feel safe, taken care of and loved. And most importantly with him I can feel the very word trust. I know I can trust him with my life. I trust his words that if he has promised anything it will be done..and if he has said no..then I  either have to convince the rightfulness of yes or just accept the NO.
Life has its own way of giving things to its people and I think I have got everything. May be life has given me more than what I deserve. Life has given him to me..

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