Sunday, March 9, 2014

Panipuri Party

Panipuri or most commonly known in Kolkata as Phuchka is an ultimate favorite of mine. Be it with chutney or curd or the tikha imly water or tamarind water...I can go on with them as far as my stomach permits!! When I was in India once my mother bought some packets of readymade phuchkas and I bought only the potato stuffing and the tamarind water from one of the panipuri walla and savored most of them...of course I had toshare with my family. Otherwise I could have eaten all of them...
But..ahem..past is past. I am no longer in a place where I can eat roadside or even restaurant style phuckas..!! Sob..sob!!:( So either I have to wait another year to eat them or make them at home. Both equally being difficult I tried to make them on my own. But in between the time that I actually found the recipe and making them I found out that they are available here in Abidjan in the Indian Market. The difference is I will have them in the raw form and will have to fry before eating.
Along came my problem to make the potaoto stuffing and the tamarind water. I added all the masalas as well as lime and some tamarind and lots of chillies there was something missing from both the stuffing and the water. Later I realized that it was the mango powder that was missing. So I mixed it...and voila!!! I had my own panipuris ready just in my kitchen..ready to be served and eat. So I prepared some hot and sweet sauce along with the chilled dahi and made dahi phuchka!!
My husband was so happy that immediately he made plans to call two of his friends for those panipuris and have a panipuri party!!
The next day I fried some more of the panipuris and again made the stuffing and tamarind water. As a wise man has said so very several times was proven true again!! Practice makes a man perfect. This time the puris were better in taste and looked less clumsy on the plates.
Once my husband said that a cook is most satisfied when his foods are completely finished with eagerness and licking fingers. Yesterday I saw the exactly same scene and was surprised on myself. Before barely one month I could not even think of feeding myself properly and now I can cook for 4/5 people with ease!! Later that night we had chicken kosha and rotis and rice with gulab jamun and ice cream!!
After they have left the actual work caught my attention. There was a heap of utensils ready to be taken care of. But I was too tired to look and do anything and went straight to the bed and dozed off.
But my husband is the dearest one. He cleared off everything and woke me up to freshen myself. The Saturday night was a busy one but left me with more confidence and happiness. Now I believe every person should see and live and experience every aspect of life. I have lived in city as well as I have lived the very village life. I have lived the most carefree free life and now I am on my way to become a responsible person..(hopefully..:)), I am studying and I will try to be in the professional field too...but not now. I am now just too happy to work with my husband and care nothing but only our lives and family. May be I am talking like a typical Indian girl...but in my opinion personal and professional lives are two very different things to be dealt with complete different aspect and mentality. May be I could have done both and as everyone says I can be anything and everything I want and I want this. At this very moment I just want to do...I will say it in Bengali as I have once said to my husband before marriage " chutie sangsar korte chai"...

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