Friday, March 21, 2014

A day without water

Yesterday we did not have any water supply in all over Abidjan. Local people knew about the news but we had no idea and when in the morning we went to brush our teeth the nightmare struck us. We had all the used kitchen utensils left unwashed and we could not even wash our clothes. I could not have a bath or even could not sprinkle some water on my face...Thankfully there was some water left in the bathroom which our maid used to clean the room. All day I just lolled about and slept and read....and read... Oh...right now I am reading Hemingway's The Old Man And the Sea. Its a very small book...a novel kind of. But I am too lazy to finish it in a day. We ate Fried Rice and Chilli Chicken yesterday which mu husband took from nearby Vietnamese restuarant Nuit De Saigon. And in the night we ate Sawarma.I ate one and a half of them and then my stomach became so full that I was thinking about taking a hajmola. But my husband hates this kind of thing, He says eat because you have to live, Don't live because you have to eat. Which I kind of think true but again......sigh!!!!
So today I thought I have some light eating. Which is healthy. Then again whatever is healthy has a slightly little chance of being tasty!!! Some months before my marriage I started dieting and through which I totally lost my tummy fat...then I was all over the internet searching for some good tasty recipes. I can eat less...of course I can bear with that, it for staying well but I can not stand or bear the fact that I have to eat tasteless food...that is total bizarre!!! A walking nightmare!! I have gained a lot of weight because of the whole foor torment that we have to go through before we left India and I often talk and think about dieting and exercising to mu husband. And then I start talking about the delicious smoked smell of the Tandoori Chicken and cheese cake and Biriyani and Chicken Kosha and ice creams!! And my husband chuckles and are dieting right??
So today for the light and healthy lunch I made Khichri and chutney with some fried fish and left over Dam Aloo for my husband. And oh....I made some papad too. And I avoided the use of oil completely minimal...hope soo!! Phew!!
Seeing my constant quest of learning new recipes he told me that he will invite some of his friends after the Easter Fast is over. Lets see what can I do then!! At first  I was a little scared of making chutney. But it was all easy pissy!!  It reminded that I have to buy some dates tooo..they are essential in making chutneys!! Tomorrow is Saturday and another weekend came over!! How fast the time goes on... I have already made my lists...I  have to go for grocery shopping again!!:):) Till then I am coping up with my crazy life and try a new a new mind boggling recipe!! Yah..I know..I am under diet!!

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