Thursday, December 5, 2013

Love Ishq aur Pyaar

Love has the immense power to block your vision as well as inspire you like no one has ever did. Its that feeling that can destroy you, rebuilt you or in other cases make you happy. As I have read somewhere " loved by someone gives you strength and loving someone gives you courage." As one of my friend just had a googely patch up with her love and I  on the other hand realized that love is blind, deaf and all the crazy things that you can think about!!
Love is the sunny weather on a chilly cold morning. Love is the steaming coffee enjoying on the side of the window when I watch rain and think of the silly conversation that I have with him. Love is wandering around the streets of Kolkata. Love is the smell of the books after visiting book fair after a long gap. Love is....waiting a whole year to see him in front of my eyes. Love is an overnight conversation and not realizing that its already morning!! Love is an empty phone battery. Love is an unexpected call at 4:00 A.M. Love is many more things but if I start writing them all then I might not be able to end this post any day sooner. But mostly I feel love is the happiness and sadness both which I feel during a skype call, through which I can see but I can never touch!! And that is when I truly feel that there is something more than just this love that binds us together and that is what gave us strength to survive all the miseries and negative incidents that we have came through. Because it is very easy love but it is surely infinitely times harder to maintain that same love....the same feeling for the same person.