Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Having the fullest

These days I am enjoying the place...my new life and  I have undertaken a complete different task with a big enthusiasm....cooking. Before writing anymore I just want to say that I am happy with my thoughts and my  life.
So I was telling about my cooking. Before getting married I never ever cooked anything. But when my husband asked me that whether he would get a maid for all the household works including cooking or except cooking...I went for the later. I collected recipes from my mother, mother in law, aunts, sister in law and friends and now I can say proudly that yes...I do can can cook. And mostly to the fear of my family my husband has never eaten any burnt dish till now. I have got hold of the fish a little bit and now I am going towards desserts and chicken. Its a different experience and I am very happy...very happy. Its the moment when he eats the dish and I can see his facial expression that he is enjoying....my day is made then and there. I can no compare this satisfaction with anything else. If you are a pampered girl like me who did not know the difference between jeera and kalo jeera...you may feel my happiness. I just feel blissed.
Besides this is what I wanted. To be with him. So what is the problem if I can not see him throughout the day...I can see him all through the night, I open the door when he comes back from office, I hold on to him when he watches movie after dinner. This is more than what I have dreamed of....and I am blissfully happy. We are happy. 

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