Friday, October 5, 2018

Honey and Hot Sauce Skewered Chicken

These hot and spicy, sweet and sticky chicken skewers are perfect for the weeknights. Since these days I am too tired to cook even a regular legitimate meal...easy way outs have become my favourite. Although I hate taking shortcuts....(trust me a wailing child will make you love everything you hate...until and unless you see him well fed and smiling and playing without any fuss) I have no other way.

Honey and Hot Sauce Skewered Chicken recipe and preparation

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks and Fudgy Brownie Bits

You don't need excuses to make ice creams...and when the weather is super hot and you are having only 4 hours of sleep in the night...making ice cream is a necessity. You need to indulge yourself and that is not an excuse.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Tomato Chutney with Curry Leaves

One of my favourite savoury chutney so far...and I love the curry flavours in it. And for the plain dosa or idlis...when making sambar is just too much to make, this chutney is a life saver. So I always keep a container of this one in my pantry because who knows....when the cravings can hit. Besides this one goes great with chapatti and khichdi as well so now (when cooking just for the love of cooking is not so easy) this one keeps our tummy full serving as the condiments in our breakfasts in the evening or during the light snacks in the evenings.

how to make Tomato Chutney with Curry Leaves recipe and preparation

how to make Tomato Chutney with Curry Leaves recipe and preparation

Monday, July 16, 2018

Odisha Style Aloor Dom Doi Bora / Dahi Vada with Dum Aloo

It's been a while that I have taken refuge to my isolation and tried to get better with time. Not that there is any hope, and the odds are you will be feeling terrible the whole time, and mine is no different from it. The only work that kept me going all this time was my cooking and blogging and now my health refuses to give the strength to do that also. It might be a good thing because I am getting to read a lot and think about issues that I presses to the back and pretended that they don't exist anymore. By might be puzzled that what is that I am suffering from and I will build up the suspense a little more.