Monday, February 29, 2016

Quick Breakfast : Oats Porridge & Whole Mung Beans Uttapam

Making breakfasts give me nightmares!! Seriously...I can do anything and almost everything but not waking up early!! It’s one thing that I really can’t and I hate to do. And on top of that if I have to cook something heavy or lavish or complicated for’s obviously going to be one of my worse days. So for real...I stick to very very simple breakfast routine, toasted bread with cheese or mayo or butter with hardboiled eggs and one fruit or fruit juice. Simply minimalistic.

how to cook Whole Mung Beans Uttapam recipe

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stir Fried Leftover Rice / Bhaja Bhat

In my schooldays Ma often made Bhaja Bhat in our breakfast or evening snack, mainly because we such nuisances that almost every day we used to nag our mother to do something special in the evening. Bhaja Bhat was quick to make and it was a great way to feed us veggies since we were kids and eating veggies always topped our hatelist.

Stir Fried Leftover Rice / Bhaja Bhat recipe

Friday, February 26, 2016

Dum Ki Machli / Macher Dum Pukht / Machli Dum Pukht

I was trying to make a perfect machli dum pukht for a long time. The authentic recipes that I intended to follow did not turn out that good. Most of the time the recipe called for raw fish in dum with the prepared marinade, just like the chicken dum pukht. But we Bengalis have certain rigidity where we prefer to be fried before adding it to the curry. The only time I had seen Bengalis eating a steamed or cooked fish which has not been fried beforehand, is when they are eating Hilsa and that is too in a particular dish called Macher Bhapa.

machli dum pukht dum machli recipe

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bhuna Chicken

After coming home from the holiday the real task is managing our apartment. Dusty and putting everything into their respective places is something I really hate doing. Tomorrow...or the next day...I keep convincing myself that I will do them later!! For a few days I cook simple plain dishes to ease out our stomachs. Plain dal – chawal suffices them all!!

simple Bhuna Chicken recipe

simple and easy Bhuna Chicken recipe

how to cook bhuna chicken

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chanar Korma

My first year in Abidjan was terrible as I could not find cottage cheese here. Nor paneer or anything. Then on the other hand I could not find whole cow milk also. Then after finding a lot...and I mean a lot a lot a lot...I finally found a man who now delivers us milk. The milk is the finest I have seen so far. It’s thick and super creamy. And every time it cools down after re-heating it produces thick solid cream on top of it, which we call “shor”. Spread some “shor” on top of toasted bread and sprinkle some sugar on top of it. This Malai Toast is a hot favourite among us Bengalis. Every tea stall who also serves toasts and ghughnis in breakfast...they also serve this Malai Toast alongside Egg Toast and Butter Toast. Try it...and it tastes delicious. The better the cream / shor the better the malai toast will be.

Chanar Korma bengali recipe

how to cook Chanar Korma recipe

Monday, February 22, 2016

Macher Fuluri

When I made this Macher Fuluri a large debate emerged from within that simple innocent looking dish. My husband preferred the name Macher Pakora..whereas Macher Fuluri became my preferred choice. However the verdict of our discussion is much more important here rather than writing about our fight come deliberate discussion. After much googling and searching for references it became evident that fuluri is mainly a large dollop of deep fried gram flour which is spiced up with many other powdered spices, ginger and green chillies, whereas “Pakora” is something where the whipped liquid gram flour coats some other ingredients to be fried. In that way... my fritter was going to be named pakora but then I stood up and said it looks like fuluri...and that’s what it matters!! So Macher fuluri it is!!

Macher Fuluri recipe

Macher Fuluri bengali style recipe

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Macher Kalia with Step by Step Pictures

Although it’s not March yet, but Winter officially has ended in Kolkata and the harsh rays of the Sun is hurting the eyes. All my expectations of enjoying the Kolkata winter became a real let down this year when we had to wear sweaters only at the time of riding bikes. Even in the car the ac had to be put on medium temperature. Then after 7-8th February the lep – kantha – kombol days took rest for the year and we were suffocating so much in the rooms that we had to open up all the windows and the ceiling fan went on at the highest speed.

bengali Macher Kalia with Step by Step Pictures

how to cook Macher Kalia with Step by Step Pictures