Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A little lame on the other side

Morning started today a little lazy, a little fizzy and a little dizzy too. When I wake up and finally opened my eyes to see the morning coming through the window beside our bed I saw m husband..already prepared from head to toe to go office!! My mood swung down a low lane...he should have called me too. But anyways..his driver was late so  we had our coffee together..a rare occasion I tell you.
After almost two months of cooking and eating lots of chicken mind was looking for veggies...Everywhere I was looking for veg dishes. So started my veg journey with a very very simple dish. Actually its not a dish in a complete sense but its super delicious in its own simplicity and one of my favorite. Its boiled rice and dal ..cooked together and the water is not drained out. The rice and dal turned into a semi liquid semi solid consistency after I boiled and boiled and boiled them until I was happy with the result. That is the dal and rice was so intertwined with each other that it looked like soup. I mixed that with boiled and mashed potato and hard boiled egg with chopped onion, chili and a big tablespoon of mustard oil. My husband likes to add ghee but I like that sizzling smell of mustard oil. After mixing all of the ingredients altogether I prepared some French fries and papad. And it was good. The lunch was simple, veg and all hassle free and left me an uber time to think that what I will make in the night. Trust me this simple recipe is life savior and a break from all the masalas and oil. Try some time you will love it tooo...I can remember myelf in my school days this was an ultimate favorite of mine and I used to take the rice in a big bowl and took a big amount of the boiled rice water that we bengalis say Phyan and ate that in a whoop whoop sound!! beautiful those days were. And after the meal the salty taste of the boiled rice water with some mashed potatos and ghee was savored until the next meal.
In the evening I made potato croquet with a coating of suji. I put a piece of Parmesan cheese inside that pakora. So when the melted cheese touched our tongue with the crunchy suji coating and masala potato felt CHATAKDAR!!! LOL!!!
In the night it was chola bature which was easy and simple to make. Bature is almost like making naan. And chole with lime juice squeezed on it with sprinkled pepper and salt and chopped onion made our diner all finger licking good!!!
Right now I am all prepped up to sleep and tomorrow my French teacher will come...I have a lot to memorize so au revoir!!!!

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