Thursday, March 28, 2013

Butterfly in my stomach

I am not a very much ornament person...I love to live simply..with nothing on me. Mostly I wear earrings occasionally but rings or necklace or bangles...Oh..god...!!They feel so heavy..!!
But you know what when you are getting married change is the only normal thing that happens in your life.So first it was the engagement. I don't mind the ring...actually I love that. Whenever I see that I can see him..and I feel a momentarily bliss.
Now..the problem is some of my elder relatives told mother that a bride to be should not loll like know without any ornaments on her. So here came my mother's confusion. She thought to give me a simple chain and one pair of bangles.!! have to go to university like this???
So I convinced my mother to buy a pair of kundan bangles...yes...they are beautiful, will do its job and I will be happy too!! So problem was avoided..or I should say that it was solved..!!
Later after my study when I was just trying to take a nap...I was thinking about my future life. What will it be like?? every girl dreams of that...but I never thought of it in that way ever..!! A house full of strangers who are apparently not strangers but my family and I have to live with them. Isn't it strange??How will I deal with that?? I have always been pampered in my family. I have never done any work...I have my works all done before I can think of that...but now I have to take responsibilities..I have to cook and yes I have to take care of a lot of people..!! Be it my husband or his(my) family!!
Sometimes I get scared of this thought..and sometimes I get excited thinking over the matter that I will have my own family and I will be the in charge..!!He..He..!!! I want my life to be simple...and in that way may be we can live happily ever after..

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Crackles on my nails guessed it right..! I am talking about crackle nail paints.But I am talking about the cheapest crackle nail paints in the market..

I have seen Chiana Glaze and OPI and Colorbar crackle nail paints..and they are roughly priced around I religeously stayed out of reach.
But this month Oriflame launched 3 shades of crackle nail paints-black,pink and blue of which I bought pink and black. They are also selling the base coats but you can skip this one easily!!

Now with big and I mean very big expectation I applied them. But listen it carefully they failed me. First of all they dry really quick..and I mean that. The time between you get the brush out of the bottle and put on the nails...they are half dried. Did not expect this.

And they do not crackle so good..After 2 application I got hold of them and they turned out pretty.But not good or great.
So not really buying them again...although they are very cheap. Price??? Well..they are something around INR179...
What do you think about them???

Everything's changing...

The first time my mother talked to me about my marriage..I was in utter shock!!I did not think of was not even in my do it so early!! But then I thought it over...its not that I do not believe in marriage or nor do I have a plan to never do it in my why not listen to my parents and meet him once..!!
I did not believe in love at first sight..but yes..after meeting him...I thought about the fact again!!It was a real fast decision...I don't know whether a girl should make a fast decision like this with a very important  matter of her life...but I did...I don't know why but I could feel the trust in him...
Somewhere I read that what we see in others eyes are the reflection of what we think...but I decided to bit adueu to all these all these makes life harder and not easier and I trusted completely on him...who I think god has send for me..!!So finally I am getting will listen this more in the coming time as still I can't believe that yes..I am getting married..Time flows sooo quickly..When I see backwards I can see the still little me being tensed in her uniform waiting for the 10th result...and now I am doing masters and living with my parents has finally became a counted number..!!Feels so odd...but with all these sadness and this bitter feeling of leaving behind everything that I once called mine and they belonged to me..which I never ever shared with books...the corridor...the staircase..all are going to be just memories waiting to be relieved when I will visit them again...I feel happy to be with him..
Am I being selfish..??But this is the way a girls life goes on...or you can say this is the way life goes on...we meet new people and they become the most priority of our life...
I just want to thank god for being blessed with such wonderful parents a lovely sister and sending me the live of my life...Thank you God....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My pretty cotton balls

Well...I bought these pretty cotton balls yesterday..!!Earlier I used TBS cotton pads for my cleansing and make up removing..but since they are not available on any web store now...and I am too lazy to go to the shop and buy it myself...I headed to my local cosmetics store and found these.
They are way cheaper than the TBS and comes in this pretty much I adore them!!

And they are very soft and works good for cleansing. Look at those pics...I love to watch them over and over again...and touch them too. But that's know?? So resisting myself becomes important sometimes!!
But they come in a chep plastic I stored them in a glass jar..

I think they are available everywhere if you search locally.Does a decent job..I am satisfied..!!!
By the is being totally boring...studying and preparing a bit for my marriage is of no help to charge my batteries and making me go!!Started a bit of caring for my skin...anyone knows more of bridal??I am in a complete mess!! Ha!Ha!!!

However whatever preparation is going on..and with my would be hubby staying long away for me...I am starting to write here about the bit of awkwardness in my life...and my journey towards a new life..!!
I thought of staring this one as a beauty blog...but then I thought of writing as a life blogger!!You won't find it everywhere!! I am..writing my heart and life..out loud here...hoping to read it one day...and lough out loud..!!