Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chicken and Vegetable Stew

In winters it was compulsory for us to have chicken stews with bread in the dinner. A large bowl of steaming hot chicken stew, with some roti or rice or bread, made an excellent appetizing meal. Although we did not like eating vegetables that much, but with every sip of this wonderful chicken stew the vegetables also tasted better. Sometimes Ma used to take out the flesh of the chicken off their bones and blend everything in the blender. That thick messy soup also was a great alternative, as we could not distinguish any vegetables and had to eat up everything clean. Ma also looked forward in making this dish as its easy to make and after a long hectic work day it gave her some time of her own.

how to cook Chicken and vegetable stew

We used to eat this Chicken stew often, after all its no winter without a nice bowl of stews and soups...until we got bored of that and finally we nagged Ma to make it no more. This nature is very common for me and my sister. If something suits our fancy, we will do that continuously and endlessly until the final moment, when that particular favorite thing becomes a dismal and a stuff of utter irritation. I can tell you countless incidents regarding this.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Keema Pulao / Rice Pilaf with Minced Meat

If there is anything that can make me go down on my is the Biriyani. The delectable, mouthwatering, tempting and spicy rice dish with juicy and succulent meat is an absolute delish.!! Yummmmm...!!!! But sadly making Biriyani is not an easy task. You need to have a lot of time in hand and in the end although the dish is more than just leaves me with a mother load of used up utensils to clean up. Also, since I do not believe in short cuts, the Biriyani making process is too long to wait. It does worth it...but seriously its not possible to go through all these too frequently. So, I found out an alternative. I make Pilaf / Pulao, to have a Biriyani like taste.

How to cook keema pulao

I really want to tell you more about my Biriyani stories...but lets just reserve those for a more particular Biriyani post. In my home, Ma made pulao really frequently. It was her way of revamping a simple meal into a delicious one. It took almost the same time, but the end result was full and happy tummies with empty plates. Me and and my sister left none, and ma often joked that the way we licked clean our plates that there was no need to clean them again. Ma always made veg pilaf / pulao, because we always paired that with Kosha Mangso / Spicy Mutton Cuury. But chicken / mutton pilaf / pulao is a wholesome meal, which you can eat as it is. Apart from mutton or chicken minced meat gives pilaf / pulao a nice flavor too. I add in some peanuts and raisins which give the dish a nice crunch and sweetness.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sabudana Khihdi / Sabur Khichuri

Sabudana or Sago Pearls are fasting staples. They remain in the kitchen pantry throughout the year but scarcely they are seen. But on the days of puja or fasting they make a grand entry. We make a mash using sago pearls, bananas, milk, sugar and fresh scraped coconut. Some really like this, but I am not that fond of sweet so more or less I used to stay away from that.

how to cook Sabudana Khihdi

how to cook Sabudana Khihdi

Sabudana Khichdi is a very typical Marathi dish, which I came to know of from one of my distant sister-in-law who is a Marathi. She also told me about Sabudana Vada and Sabudana Kheer. We Bengalis also make Sabudana Kheer but that is more subtle and meant for sick days, when we are unable to eat or drink any good food. Ma used to make Sabudana Kheer for me when I used to have fevers. Sulking with high temperature soul wanted some really spicy potato fritters / alur chop but all I got was tasteless sticky sago pearls boiled in milk and little sugar. Bizarre!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One Ingredient Ice-Cream ~ Banana And Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream

I used to have a hate list (regarding foods) .... and it was probably way longer than most of the foodies. Although I have risen above most of my stigmas regarding veggies, but still I don't like Okra, and  probably that is the sole reason that I haven't posted any dish on that till now, whereas there is a very popular Okra Fry with Potatoes in Bengali Cuisine. Even before my marriage I used to hate most of the green veggies, which my mother...after being really grumpy as opposed to my vegetable fugitive nature, used to stuff inside my mouth. Confronted with this I gobbled up everything and chewed as fast as I could and then with a big sip of water swallowed everything. After that almost every time I ended up vomiting everything I ate.

how to make no cook banana ice cream

I also did not like jhinge (ridge gourd) or potol (pointed gourd) or plantain or sim (flat bean). But time has made me wiser and now without my mother's pressure I try to include a lot of veggies in my meal. The same thing applies with banana, whose sticky texture was something I could hardly handle. Although they are very nutritious and good for health, most of the time I used to throw them away after spending almost a month in the fridge and turning completely black. And so I have changed my eating habit. These days, I no longer throw them away but make ice creams with them. Yes banana ice creams and trust me....they don't even taste like bananas anymore. Pheewww...what a relief!!

how to make no cook banana ice cream

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lamb Kofta Curry

I am not a dessert person. I have a very typical and particular taste regarding cakes and puddings or sweets. I have never eaten any sweetmeats after any meal, which is a kind of weird but a very old Bengali tradition and it is still maintained in every pious and grand occasions. I have always preferred warm and steaming Rasgullas, right from the kadai of bubbling sugar syrups to those canned or stale rasgullas being served in the shops. That is why our local sweet meat shop was more preferable to me, than other branded sweetmeat shops all over Kolkata. I also love Gulab Jamun, but that must be from Ganguram, where it is very creamy and kheer like and they put a pistachio inside every Gulab Jamun. I am also a sucker of Haldiram's Kesari Laddu, which is infused with saffron flavor and rich in desi ghee. Melting in mouth texture and nutty melon seeds and pistachios inside those laddus, make them very lush and full of craving.

how to cook Lamb Kofta Curry

On the side note, I also like the chili dips which restaurants serve with the starters. These dips are made with African chilies and they are way hotter than any other chilies you can find. I love their scintillating smell that makes my nerve go jumping over their sizzling hot taste.  But these days, my husband is almost desperate to throw them away, right from the table through the windows, without caring that it may go and bump into someone head. My sister-in-law has fully convinced him that one day I am going to have stomach infection because of that. So sad and depressing!!!! But now a days....a part of me is highly interested in making desserts!! I am making payesh and kulfis and puddings and mousse and soufles....and much much more!! And surprisingly I am being successful in nailing that perfect textures and tastes.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Labneh ~ A Healthy Substitute of Cream Cheese

There is hardly anyone who does not love cream cheese. The tangy cheesy spread is my first choice in making any sandwich or burger. can eat them right away from the tub, if you wish to do that so!!! But I think the best thing that cream cheese makes is the beautiful cheesecake. Smooth and eternally creamy!!!

how to make a healthy cream cheese substitute

how to make a healthy cream cheese substitute

In my bid to replace this high calorie fatty cream cheese I did not have to look further. The Lebanese creamy enough to give cream cheese a tough competition in becoming a more healthy pick. Labneh and cream cheese are very similar in taste and the only difference that I can make is the cheesy texture of the cream cheese. Otherwise Labneh, being a homemade yogurt based assortment will always remain on top of my food list.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sticky Lemony Prawns

I want to write so much.. but feeling so tired and irritated right now. I want to have a good sleep and the thought that I don;t have to rush again just after opening my eyes. My hands are sore and my backaches are roaring high....and the only thing that is keeping my standing is the evening out to an ice cream parlor.:)

how to cook sticky lemony prawns

Sure....I can not think more or less anything, errrr...if it is not that serious outside food.

how to cook sticky lemony prawns

Sunday Serendipity #3

“It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Friday, May 22, 2015

Old Memories and a different Chicken Curry ~ Kerala Chicken Curry

Well...okay...I used to hate Bori ~ Bengali sun dried dumplings. But now...its a complete different story!!! Like the Beauty And The Beast...what used to be a party crasher, now is my full time love. My fiesta with Bori started long back in my childhood, when I my grandma used to give Boris on the rooftop to dry under the scorching heat of the sun. Making Bori is a very long and tiresome process..and it takes in a lot of hard work. Traditionally, every Bengali household used to make their own Bori and pickles. But with the advent of time and the busy schedule of each and everyone in the family, making bori or naru (Bengali laddus) or pickles, is such a distant far cry, that it makes a total sense that why all these traditions are disappearing now a days. My mother, being a full time Business Woman, did not have time for all these. That is when I started hating boris. Because, store bought Boris did not have that crunch or taste, that the homemade ones have.

spicy no coconut kerala chicken curry recipe

I had seen my grandma to make fine paste of different lentils with Shil Nora / grinding stone, as soon as the summer came in. This process was not easy as in order to make a fine paste, she had to grind the lentils more than 2 or 3 times, and the entire process was done by sitting bending and haunching on her back. A very long and tedious process. After that she whipped the lentils paste with her palms, until it expanded in size and took the form of whipping cream. Then she seasoned it with other spices and salt and gave shaped. Giving shapes to the bori is another process. She used to take some paste on her palm and closed it creating a fist. Then she turned the closed fist upside down, so that the thumb is in the downside. Finally she pressed a little so that the paste oozed out of the fist's small hole and when enough paste for a bori is out she cut the source by moving the thumb, and moved the fist to give another bori. Bori is traditionally given on a thin muslin/ cheese cloth, which used to be spread on a chouki / flat long table of short hight. When she finished giving shapes to the boris, they were left on the rooftop all day long for nearly 3-4 days. In the evening, those clothes with Boris were taken inside the house to prevent them from turning soggy. After the Bori was completely dried, she stripped them off from the clothes and put them in a glass jar. This process continued throughout the entire summer, until the rain started to give the family an abundant supply of boris, throughout the year.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Macher Matha Die Kumror Tarkari / Bengali Dry Pumpkin Curry with Fish Heads

There is something very fishy with being a Bengali. They just can't get over with fish...but what can I say??When I myself is lamenting over Hilsa and Bhetki!!! We get to eat some nice sea fishes and lobsters and oyesters....but non be least, leave equally satisying as Mourala (very small fishes of sweet pond water) or Rui (Rohu) or Ilish (Hilsa). If you want to learn to cook fish....Bengal should be your ultimate destination. None can cook or eat fish the way Bengalis do..and you should see our preprations with fish heads. Yes we throw none, we use everything. Even the gills of the fishes..we have preparations with them too. But okay..lets come to the fish heads.

how to cook macher matha die kumror tarkari

Jamai Soshthi (a bengai traditional celebration of son in laws) is coming and a dish pepared with much delicacy with fish heads should be on the platter. As for me I am just as much happy to include fish heads in my everyday menus. Fish heads like mutton or chicken just spike up the entire menu with ease. Make Rosa or Muri Ghonto or Mug Dal or Badha Kopir Tarkari or Kumror heads go with almost everything.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Khara Masala Gosht / Mutton With Whole Spices

The current went off again...and I had to lit candles to light up my room. It would have been better, if I had an emergency light. But I love the steady flame of the candles and the dimly lit attire of the room. The gloomy, sadist nature makes everything mysterious like walking through an endless keep walking, you know the destination but it never comes. Tiresome, lengthy and takes a lot of patience.

 how to cook Khara Masala Gosh

how to cook Khara Masala Gosh

One of my cats burnt their whiskers by sniffing the burning candle. One of them started peeping everywhere but the litter box...and two are so much busy with fighting with each other!!! I don't even know what they are fighting for. I separate them, push them into opposite directions, their torn fur dances around the room with the wind....and I get left with a lots of stumbled upon things...

Monday, May 18, 2015

African Red Chicken Stew

Living in Africa and not tasting African food is something...really I can't afford to have. Whereas my husband has some particular favorite African dish, I like to experiment and taste everything.In that case I am very lucky, because I have got myself a very authentic African cookbook and a very talented lady who cooks in the company's guesthouse. Many a time she has, whenever she cooks somethig special she sends us a little of that. I have already tasted Pulet Kejoune and Pulet avec sauce de Arachide, and I really love this Red Chicken Stew which has a Nigerian origin. This can be prepared in a jiffy and has a really nice red color. The color can be very confusing for a spicy one..but seriously this is not even a bit like that.

how to cook African Red Chicken Stew

my kinderjoy toys!!!:):)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Serendipity #2

"Far away , there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead" - Louisa May Alcott

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mango Ice-Cream

In Bengali there is a saying that, "Geyo Jogi Bhik Pai Na" ~ the village saint never gets alms. In Kolkata I took mangoes taken for granted. Scarcely I used to eat a lot of or two pieces were enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. But much I crave for them!! Everywhere I see Alfanso mangoes, but where can I get those local variations???Now don't tell me I am obsessed...because I kind of am!!! Its the season of summer and I can't get to eat Himsagar!!! I better be damned!! I am missing the smell and my mother's burgaining skill, which she used in purchasing big batches of mangoes. am I missing the rush!!

how to make no cook Mango Ice-Cream

how to make no cook Mango Ice-Cream

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mango Frozen Yogurt

The introduction of frozen yogurt in India is a very recent incident. And still it is very much concentrated within very few brands...and if I think Kolkata, you will get Frozen yogurt, under the name Fro-Yo from only Mama-Mia. Frankly, the Indian population is not very conscious of healthy eating, so the idea of frozen yogurt is still vague to a giant portion of the population. However if you look into the history of ice-cream in India, first you will find Kulfi. A frozen dessert made from evaporated milk, whole milk, sugar and lots of nuts, and it is very popular in every corners of India.

how to make Mango Frozen Yogurt

how to make Mango Frozen Yogurt

When I was in school, till then I could find kulfi vendors in some area where they used to sell kulfi from their big clay handi (an Indian cooking pot) filled with ice and kulfi moulds , which used to be covered with a red cheese cloth and when they used to get an order they scooped out a Kulfi mould from that handi, got the Kulfi out of that mould with the help of a small knife, sliced it in some portions and put them all on a shal pata(a small plate made of dried leaf) before giving that to a customer. Now a days, this scenario is very very rare....It has started fading with the growing popularity of Ice-cream in India.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pasta With Indian Spiced Meat Balls

Do you remember the "Queen" movie, where Kangana Raunat ate Italian food and exclaimed that as too bland and that it needed a little burnt ginger and garlic??? My situation is exactly the same. If you go for fast foods in India, you will not have any complains because they had prepared the menu according to the Indian taste buds...but everywhere else, its really poses a bit of problem. In Abidjan, I am not satisfied by the pizza they serve, as to me they are too bland, so I tell them to serve us an extra chili dip or sauce which I spread on my pizza and eat.

how to cook Pasta With Meatballs

Last month, when we went to the beach I did the same, because African food is also not that spicy. I literally took a giant portion of that extra spicy chilly sauce on my plate and rubbed my finger on that generously before licking that too religiously. I got so much involved in it that my sister in law had to shake me up with her hand because I could not listen to her when she was calling me, and she told me that, it was not chutney that I was licking...and I should stop taking so much spicy food because it can deteriorate my health. Then she went on telling me, how one of her friend who used to eat more chilies than me ended up in hospital for 3 months for stomach infection. I was terrified....I was petrified...but how can I live without spicy food??? Its my life line. Without green chilies my thaali /plate is incomplete.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Currently Reading : Twilight in Delhi, The Breath of a Wok and The Man Eater of Malgudi

I was falling a little behind in reading in the past few months...and I am trying to compensate that by reading as much as I can now. Currently with all my speed and time, I can complete 3 books in one week. I am hoping that the speed will go up more. However, I managed to complete Twilight in Delhi, Man Eater of Malgudi and The breath of a Wok, in the last week. Lets get to the synopsis.

Twilight In Delhi by Ahmed Ali : The book describes the old Delhi in its worn out phase. When the Kings are gone, the pride is gone and gone are the days of shining Mughal Empire. The British have overtaken all the country and it seems the people are also rejoicing the British Raj. The writer portrays here the story of the family of Mir Nihal. Through his eyes we see the lost stories of Delhi and he also gives us a glimpse of what it used to be. Although the young generation is quite obsessed with the English society, they dressing style and everything else, its the older people who still find it hard to accept the truth and also despise them for killing their King and his family. It also had some instances where Ahmed Ali tells us the poignant stories of the surviving Mughal family. The novel gives us a fairly good image of the Muslim society, their behavior, their culture and their marriage, through their daily life, their adda during alchemy practice and fair and most importantly in pigeon flying. Twilight In Delhi is a beautiful book of the decaying and changing image of Delhi after India became a British colony.

The Breath of a Wok by Grace Young : The book has a large number of Chinese food recipes but I was drawn towards this book because of its widely intriguing description of Chinese cooking and the writer's breakdown on "wok", from the construction, production, seasoning and maintaining. If you like to cook Chinese, this book is like eavesdropping in their kitchen, where you can learn the secrets and also have a look at their ancient as well as modern techniques, where the writer dwells under criticism and gives his verdict.

The Man Eater of Malgudi by R.K.Narayanan : One of the most famous novel of R.K.Narayanan, where he took inspiration from the Hindu Mythology of Bhasmasura, who blesses with power from Indra, got destructive and with time was destroyed by himself, his own power. The Man Eater of Malgudi is the story of Natraj, a small printing press owner and his dwelling relationship with Vasu, a taxidermist, who took over his attic over the press and seizes to leave. Despite Natraj's feeble protest Vasu starts to bring dead animals into the attic and makes plan to kill the temple elephant. But one moring Vasu is discovered dead and Natarj becomes the prime suspect. This is another beautiful story from Narayanan, which is too goo to drop in the middle. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Aloo Posto / Bengali Potato Curry with Poppy Seeds Paste

Wrapping up the lunch with steamed hot rice, kolaier dal, aloo posto and a special omelette of double eggs. Seems delicious!!!! This particular pair of dishes is a classic favorite meal of most of the Bengalis...specially the people of Burdwan. I think they even dream of posto / poppy seeds. Before getting married I hardly knew this much varied use of poppy seeds in Bengali foods. I had only ate Aloo Posto / Potato with Poppy Seeds and some times Ilish Paturi (poppy seed is a main ingredient in this dish of Hilsa) but it seems they have mastered the art of cooking poppy seeds. They make tomato posto (tomato with poppy seeds), potol posto(pointed gourd with poppy seeds),  chingri posto (shrimp with poppy seeds), jhinge posto (ridge gourd with poppy seeds), postor bora (fritters made with poppy seeds paste), bati posto (oily dry curry of poppy seeds), posto bata (poppy seeds paste)....the list can go on infintely!!! This year we went to a picnic in Burdwan and the caterer served Aloo Posto in the lunch along with Kosha Mangho and rice. Think about the combination!! My husband loves to eat Aloo Posto with rice, milk and sugar. I think yuck!!! But to him....its more delicious than any other savory dishes.

how to make Aloo Posto / Bengali Potato Curry with Poppy Seeds Paste recipe

how to make Aloo Posto / Bengali Potato Curry with Poppy Seeds Paste recipe

However, the Bengalis from the erstwhile Epar Bangla (now West Bengal), who are called Ghoti are severly obsessed with poppy seeds. If one can not find a bottle of good quality poppy seeds in one's kitchen she can not be considered as an authentic ghoti. Its a matter of life or death to them. Once someone told me that she could even eat grass with poppy seeds. Now that is called love. Their aloo posto is also a little different from the way we, the Bangal aka the Bengalis from erstwhile Opar Bangla (now Bangladesh) make. Ours is a little on the sweeter note whereas they make aloo posto a little spicy. This particular aloo posto can also be made in two in which you add turmeric powder and the one in which you do not add that. The later one is called Sada Posto (White poppy seeds).

Monday, May 11, 2015

Alu Begun Chingri / Prawns with Eggplant and Potato

Summer is here with all its might and I have to look for more options to keep ourselves cool. The scorching heat seems to make us baffled and a simple cooler or soft drinks is not enough to keep us balanced and hydrated. All those fish or meat or elaborate meals are taking their days off...and a simple daal - bhat (rice with lentils) with some mach bhaja / fried fish or omlette has become our rescuer.

how to cook Alu Begun Chingri

Even in the evening....lassi is more preferable than any other snack. I have started making big bunches of hung curd to make Labneh, because chilled Labneh becomes a delicious accompaniment with some whole wheat chapati or bread, if you just can add some lebanese spices like zatar or sumac and a generous drizzle of honey. It works just fine in place of creme cheese, so sandwiches have just become more healthy for us now a days.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Serendipity # 1

I am starting this new segment named "Sunday Serendipity", to express my careless thoughts. And as everyone knows, a picture tells a thousand words, there is no other better way to go for this.

"The best therapist has fur and four legs" - Unknown

Friday, May 8, 2015

Snacktime Favorite ~ Jhalmuri

If it had been the case, that I could cook anything and the dishes would have been cleaned all by itself!! How wonderful the scenario would have been. But sadly..this is not the case. I don't have any maid for more than 2 weeks....and the household chores have already started to give me creeps. How wonderful it would have been if I woke up to a clean, scrubbed and polished house with all the utensils washed and ready to be used and washed, dried and pressed clothes hanging in the armoir waiting to be admired. Why life can't be a fairy tale like this??? Why can't I just write "they lived happily ever after " and sleep again??? I don't want to the washing. I just get so mad when I can wash out a sticky grain of rice from the plate or a when I can't clean a corner of a cooker. All these washings and cleanings are dreadful. Although some people do find them necessary and useful, as they teach you the perks of cleanliness....but I am not one of those. I will do anything but all these.

how to make jhalmuri

how to make jhalmuri

To escape this living nightmare, I cooked a massive amount of dal and alu posto, and stored them in the fridge. Every day, I only took out a little portion of the food, thawed them and ate. Husband and I have already become bored of eating the same thing over and over and over again. Currently I am craving for some Chinese!! I don't know when I will be able to eat currently I am strictly concentrating on one pot meals. Clean clean and clean....!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kadai Paneer

In our home paneer was not that regular. It was a specialty of eating out. Ma always made matar paneer and I think she made the best. Even my husband prefers the dhaba style paneer than their tandoori chicken. This year when we reached Kolkata, we halted in front of a dhaba on Delhi Road and ate diner there. The boy who took our order was merely 18...I am not sure, and he noted the dishes on a ragged piece of paper and often scratched his ears. He appeared sleepy and had swollen red eyes. It was midnight and most of the items were not available. However we were able to get some dishes of our choice. Then he went to the kitchen and came back with our meal within half an hour. It was almost midnight and I was terribly hungry. As I stroked my finger on my plate, wiping out the last drop of the leftover curry, that I was licking after I had finished up all my food, I looked around and tried to store every detail of the dhaba on my memory. I don't know why...but I wanted to remember the place. We had butter paneer masala, egg bhurji and sukha sabi with tandoori roti there...yummm!!! The memories are enough to make me salivate. Then again on our anniversary and my sister-in-laws anniversary we ordered food from dhabas. No matter how good the foods are in a five start resataurant, the rustic nature of the dhabas attracts me more.

kadai paneer - Indian Cottage cheese cooked in a spicy tangy curry recipe

The noise, the messy attire, the busy and informal waiters...all appears just beautiful to my eyes, because I don't have to look around and eat seriously there. I can wash my hands (sometimes I really forget that...I think that adds to the taste :p) and indulge myself by eating with hands..where the curry can be messy on my palms and fingers and some rusts of the parathas can dwindle around my lips. Eating should be comfortable and yes...noisy. I hate the idea of eating without making any noise and lips being closed. Its just too pathetic for me. I feel someone is punishing me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lonkar Chop / Chili Fritters

Yesterday night when we went to sleep, it started raining heavily. Our glass windows became stained with the sudden gust of fierce raindrops and not willingly my husband got up and closed all the windows in our drawing room. We slept deeply throughout the night, as the sudden rainfall blessed us with a moist and cold air. I cuddled under the blanket by curling my hands and legs, just like my cats, absorbing the cold and warmth, and slowly sank into a deep sleep.

how to make chili fritters

In the morning, it was still raining and I remembered my school days, when on days like this, I prayed so much to the god, to make that day a rainy day!!! But, alas!!! It was never granted. Looking through the window, I saw a woman getting out of a car with her rainbow colored umbrella. Amidst, all the greys, blues and blacks, this particular umbrella gave an instant freshness to the damp and dulled street for a moment. Then she crossed the road and went inside her office. My cats are very poetic and I often catch them observing the rain very aptly. Tip toed, I got my camera and immediately clicked some photos of my cats today. Aroused by the sound of my camera, my cat looked at me, raised his tail, gave some sudden soft swish motions with them, and marched off the room. Being alone again, I opened my tab and started reading the book I started last night. It was about Chinese cooking and the author gave an intricate detail about the history of the traditional Chinese cuisine and cooking method. I drank a big glass of water and became engrossed in it soon.

how to make chili fritters

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sheekh Kabab

Recently I have split up my things in half and shifted them to another room. Otherwise, I used to have my everything, my camera, books, clothes and cosmetics in my bedroom. And they literally created a chaos. Every night I had to shift them somewhere so that we can sleep on our bed, and again in the morning they came on the bed. I know.....I am soooo lazy.

how to cook Sheekh Kabab

But now, I have shifted those chaos to another room. Now I read, study and work in that room and sleep in our old room. In this way, it remains clean and fresh. Besides now I have a complete different view from this room's window. A tall and big tree, stands in front of our house and many birds come there throughout the day. And their chirping makes the surrounding so much more peaceful and earthy. And since we have a smaller bed in this room, I put on a bed sheet on the carpet and scattered everything there. I love to read while lying. Sooo good.

how to cook Sheekh Kabab

Friday, May 1, 2015

Currently Reading : Maus, The Chinese Cinderella and The Lowland

I have not written a post like this in a while....I read a lot during the last year and also reading a lot, since I have ample amount of time now. These 3 books mentioned above are the books that I finished just a week ago or so. Lets have a small synopsis on them.

Maus by Art Spiegelman : The book Maus, divided in 2 parts, is a graphic novel,based on the life of a Polish Jew during WWII. It describes beautifully, and intricately his life before the war started and how he survived his days in Auschwitz. In the book, the writer had portrayed the life of his father and how the Auschwitz had altered his nature. He had portrayed the Jews as rats, Germans as Cats and Americans as Dogs. Although its a comic, their is very little opportunity for you to escape from its harsh reality. Their tension, horror, uncetainity of being alive and the continious routine of loosing friends, relatives and being harassed by German soldiers, are all well portrayed with the help of graphic and words. If you have read "The Diary Of a Yong Girl", I definitely recommend this book to you. If Anne Frank has given you the life before Auswitz, Maus will give you a behind the door experience.

The Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah: Its an autobiography, where the the author is an unwanted child, as her mother died while giving birth to her. This novel deals with the treatment that she got from her siblings, father as well as her step-mother. She was particularly more attached to her aunt called "aunt baba" and grand father "ye ye". Its a very sad and yet fulfilling story, as you see her climb to the ladder of success, despite much sorrow and after being banished and abondoned by her family in a boarding school. The book ends with her, leaving for England for further studies with the aim of being a doctor.

The Lowland  By Jhumpa Lahiri : Jhumpa Lahiri came back with a bang with her novel "The Lowland". The novel starts with the strong bond between two brothers and with time they fall apart with their differentiating views in politics. The yonger one, Udayan, joins Naxalite Movement in Kolkata and the other one, Subhas, leaves India behind for completing his ph.d. Their smooth life becomes topsy turvy when Udayan dies in Police encounter and Subhas marries his widowed wife. He brings her to UK and after the birth of Bela, Udayan and Gauri's daughter, things only get more complicated. Read this novel, only to discover another masterpiece from Jhumpa Lahiri. Her beautiful description of daily lives and actions makes the reading all the more heart warming. It gives a nice full image of the scene that she describes, without using heavy words or complex sentences.