Monday, March 10, 2014

Lazy lamhe

When I was in India Sundays used to bring a lot of peace and appreciation. Because on that very day I did not have any work to do. I did not have to o out and teach my students. There was no rush, no traffic and no sweat while walking under the heated afternoons. So Sundays used to be my lazy day.. I used to sleep until it was very late, I used to go to the rooftop and gaze at the blue sky and enjoy the evening breeze.
But now Sundays are not lazy anymore. They are the busiest of the rest of the days, because that is the off day for my maid and I have to do everything. Cooking is okay...I prefer to do that myself but other household chores gives me creeps. I generally avoid cleaning the rooms and try not to mess them up as it will eventually come back to me to clean up all. And then after the coking there remains a heap of utensils which we wash together. After the Sunday lunch the day becomes full of lazy lamhe..We talk, we see movies, we stand in the balcony watching the roadside restaurant L'automatic filling with crowds and having sips of coffee. Laziness is not always defined as doing nothing and wandering is also finding moments inside the moment itself and cherish them, savor them like I will never have this time much so that the moment lingers with me, within me and I  become so lazy that leaving those moments and engaging myself towards something more active makes me feel lazy.
This is the only day of the week that I can see my husband for a long time. But there are times when he heads for the office in the evening and comes in the night.Yesterday I was cooking pasta for both of us and he had to go to the office for a meeting. I cooked pasta, left it on the dining table and started cooking dinner. Now making the Pasta episode was trouble free. As usual I did not have a clue of making noodles or pasta. For ages I have eaten them but never had the time or interest to look into the process. So I searched the internet and found out the easiest recipe. Turned out that the taste is not so average and my husband ate it delightfully. The only mistake was I gave whole black peppers in it which stuck in between the teeth giving sudden hot flavors. So next time I am going to crush them before putting into the sauce pan.
On saturday I went to the beach. It was a 2 minutes visit but I liked the view. Its a local beach named The New Cocoa Beach. We are planning to go to the Bassum Beach after the Cashew Seasons are over here and planning to visit another city too. I forgot its name but he said it takes a 2 hours drive from Abidjan. I could not go to Orca this weekend because time was short and after all the hassle we took to select our curtains we thought its better to be home for the rest of the days. Its too hot here now. When the rains come the place looks beautiful and the weather becomes very cold in the night. I love rains here. They are always heavy rains and not like cats and dogs that I have seen most of the times in Kolkata.
I also watched Hunger games : Catching Fire and 12 years a slave in the last two days. Both of the movies are too good to be praised for. Specially 12 years a slave is a heart touching story. It reminded me of the novel " Uncle Tom's Cabin". I also watched Garden Of Words, Monster's University, The Wolf of the Wall Street and finished reading A Little Princess. Now I am watching Lost in Translation and on my way to finish the book " The English Patient".  There is also a movie based on this book and its beautiful. Have you seen it??

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