Sunday, March 23, 2014


Just made Green Chicken today. It was a complete sudden decision. I mashed the coriander leaves in the mixer and added to the chicken.  And the final conclusion is Indian Chicken recipes are more or less same with just some variations here and there!!! Finally I have cracked the nail..ho ho ho!!!
So for the green chicken I prepared the chicken exactly like I do the Dahi Chicken and added a paste made of coriander and mint leaves with garlic and ginger paste and just a bit of lime juice and green chillie. In the end I added I added a bit of garam masala. And thats it...I made the Green Chicken. I added no water or anything like that. The chicken was cooked itself with the green paste when the juice started oozing out of it. After it was done there was a heavenly fresh flavor of coriander and mint and chicken. And the platter was server with hot rotis..:)

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