Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pets or pests??

As you know...or you may not that I live in a house which is full of cats and dogs. It may sound weird..but it is the truth. We have five cats. No, they are not siblings. Each has a different and cute story line of their own. None..except one...we have planned to keep with ourselves but others eventually ended up with us. The very small messed up...and sometimes screwed up family of us.
We are four members in our house. We have 3 rooms, one kitchen and one corridor. Parents come to home for sleeping purpose only. Don;t take it otherwise..they are just very busy with their business and wok outside. So its me and my sister in home. Since our business is just beside our mother has the time to come by home some time and clean it. As with five cats and two huge dogs...our home is just messed up as we are.
Each of the cats have interesting names and very typical to their looks. In the Descending order of their age...they are : Miu, Chana, Mishti, Pukai and Pukpuki.
So as you can see...Miu is the oldest and she is the most pampered one. She came to us on my sister's assistance. It was one of my cousin brother who brought her to us. When she came she was so tiny that she could be so easily fitted in our palms...The first time I saw her on my cousin's was only tears that was only visible instead of her eyes. She was crying...and she kept crying for nearly a week. All we could do was to caress her..take her in our laps and show her the road from our balcony. And she used to watch the people walking, the dogs barking and running across our locality and the cars...that swifted across the street from a distance. And thats how she grew she is so big that she does not fit our lap. She is all grown up so she is not just satisfied with our gentle caress or the pampering that we give her. She has made her own world. She jumps up on the brick made thick wall in our balcony on the ground floor and watches the passer by. Sometimes she just vanishes... and after a long search we find her under the bed being sound asleep. Fumbling with anger...we just laugh at ourselves. That's how she is. Our first emotional offspring of our teen age lives. However she is the only one who does not make us nuts on our nerves...that is to say whatever she does are not that up to the mark of being referred as pest compared to other cats in my home.
Now comes the story of CHANA. In bengali chana means cottage cheese. She came from one of my school friends home. They already had 4 they were intending to give her up to some one..and here I took charge..and in spite of my mother's huge protest..I took her home. She was soo white at that time that I thought to give her the name milky. But my sister insisted on the name chana...and that was final. her early days she acted just like a baby. There was not a moment when we were able to she her not playing. She could play with anything. She even played with air. We were really dumbstruck seeing that.If there was just only one piece of paper or the cap of a pen or just a plastic bag littering lazily from one corner to another corner. She will definitely not spare that. She will push that from her for a distance and will run with full force after it to catch. That's what she does even now when she is quite grown up and is a very large looking cat. She also plays the role of  Don here scaring out the little ones to death whenever she is around. Well these are not her pest identity...the real problem started occuring from the time when we saw her peeing on our clothes. At first we did not take it seriously as we thought that it might be some of her mischievious act. But it became viral at some point later. She started peeing on everything. Be it books or clothes or she even peed on the bed. After giving some painfully horrible training to her...I am saying horrible because that was on our part and took miserable patience as till then we might have gone through a lot of washing and wastage of different things. But now things are on a hold. She does not pee anymore to our ultimate relief.:)
So this was the story of my two once little cats...the other stories are coming soon...but to save you from this boredom...lets stop here and I will be back with another insanely stupid story of my life in the next post!!
Till then...ciao!!

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