Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our very old Coffee House

Some days back I had to go to college street for some university office work. So I had to start my day really early. I am not a early riser so I actually started everything with red eyes and sore mind. I hate waking up early. Even if sometimes I wake up...I kind of have very huge preference towards rolling down in the bed. I like to start my day that way I find the morning passing on more quickly that it really does when I have to go university and do all the studies or simply work my own stuff.
So with the intention of getting rid of my morning dizziness I was rolling as usual today and I found the clock running like a mad horse and I was yet to have my shower and get ready. So finally to the very against own will I got ready in a speed racing car and was finally on my way.
It was only the early august. So the summer should have been a lot more bearable by this time. But this year the summer is likely to be not ending ever. There is only some sprinkling of rain to this dusty earth and otherwise its the sweaty summer all over in its never ending fury. I hate this summer here. Actually I hate the very idea of sweat dropping from every part of the body in summer. Otherwise summer is cool with its light clothes and yummy fruits and specially an awesome excuse to have ice cream almost thrice a day!!
After getting out of home is not the final burden that I have to come across in the way. I also have to undergo with the horrible traffic condition of Kolkata which sometimes makes me think that in order to reach somewhere I have to start from almost two hours early. The streets are noisy, congested and most importantly overloaded. The buses makes the road so fuller that over vehicles fins it almost next to impossible to move. Sometime the traffic jam makes me late for almost 45 minutes and even if there is no traffic jam the traffic signal makes the life tough. There is signal in every five minutes distance and the bus will stand in every signal in order to catch passenger.
College street where the original campus of Calcutta University is situated is famous for its innumerable book shop and is also known as BOI PARA. I love this place mainly because I am a book sucker and I love places hovering with it new and old. There Coffee House is another famous place here. It is an old Indian version of modern cafes. In the old days you could have seen all the intellectual people, poets and writers gathering here in groups with just one cup of coffee, smoking cigarettes and spending hours with their debates and thoughtful discussions on worldly matters. Today also students gather here from the nearest Presidency University, Scottish Church College, Surendranath College and Vidyasagar College. This is also a so called no smoking area with small banners and hoardings everywhere indicating not to smoke but no one really cares about it. And also the authorities are not concerned about it or implementing the rule. So everyone here is carelessly smoking to their free will and making the air dizzy. If you stoop from the second floor balcony you will see the smokey air covering the whole area. I prefer to sit on the balcony in the second floor. It has more air compared to the first floor. If you are planning to visit coffee house make sure you have enough time in your hand because grabbing a sit will take a bit time there as it is always crowded. And if you are lucky you may get a table as fast as you get there.
However whenever I go to college street I go to this place. Although it is named after coffee I hate its coffee. Its almost like water....full bizarre. And sometimes they just forget to give sugar in it. I don't order it rather I find their chicken pakora more delicious. Also delicious is not the exact word. But if you are really hungry and more or less good food is given to you you will find it delicious. There you can also find sandwiches, chicken cutlet, chicken kabiraji, and same stuffs with mutton. This time I order a chicken noodles. Once they take the order their is a long waiting process before they finally serve the food. I actually feel that we are being waiters here. Waiting..and waiting in our hungry stomach wondering whether the food has actually been lost in the midway.
However this time was no exception from their being late invisible rule. And when it actually came I was so surprised at the quantity.Not to say that it was really too little for me and my sister and the food actually made us more hungry. We thought of ordering something more but considering the time they take to actually reach our table we were panic stricken and wanted to have something else from outside the coffee house. So we ate whatever there was in the plate and wrapped our day in half full stomach. Only to say that we had phuchka on the way back home to satisfy our hungry mind.

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