Saturday, August 31, 2013

Monsoon Madness

It was almost two days of consistent raining in Kolkata and these gloomy weather left me in a gloomy mood in the care of me alone. Meanwhile I had my old fever. It comes often to visit me. It feels like he is my long lost lover who comes back once in a while to check upon me. To ask me how am I doing all along?? But his caring leaves me exhausted.  With this cold weather fever left me a bit more tired this time accompanying me with choked throat and aching body.
I love rains. Be it cats and dogs or the heavy rain with lots of thunders and storm. Watching the rain from the window of my room has been one of my preferred leisure time...of course if it is raining outside. The window does not give a very much glimpse of the sky..its just a little bit but it allows all the cold, fresh air inside my room and sometimes the rain itself. The curtains get wet...but I don't mind! We don't get a year full of when its pouring outside why think of all these earthy things???
When I was in school I was so crazy about rain that I used to leave umbrella home so that I can get wet on my way to house.  And I used to get drenched. But once this led to a high fever with lots of hallucination. So from then on my mother used to make sure that I take umbrella in my bag. School days were a lot of fun. I did not have too many friends but still I managed to enjoy everything I like on my own. Of course getting wet in the rain is a lot of fun with friends but I still  managed to get wet alone and have a good look around. Also having panipuri while its raining was also on my checklist every year. I used to do this with my sister.
But as I grew up all these notions of childhood seemed to fade off. Or this can be other way around. All these notions faded I grew up. And now I generally avoid getting wet in the rain as I easily catch fever now.
So, last day on my way to tuition it was again pouring and I guarded myself with an umbrella. The street was not crowded and it seemed like the rain made everything look in a new avatar. The trees were looking more greener and the street with its heavy ink blue background of sky made it look like as if just had a bath and has not been yet able to dry it off. It was giving such a wet feel to my senses. As I walked by lots of thoughts passed my mind. I was a little anxious and confused about my studies and career as well as I was thinking about all the fights that had taken place between me and Subrata for the last couple of days. The gentle fresh breeze was sailing high and was filling my thoughts with an unknown satisfaction. And I was left happy. With the problems in my life suddenly I felt my mind so bright and for one moment I wanted to all the miserable things to let go of myself and wanted to be reincarnated with this rain.
There are somedays when you feel so delighted that all the other things makes no effect on you and you see things that you have seen already in a different way as if they were never there before and you have just seen them now. Exactly this is what happened with me that day. The streets of Kolkata becomes filthy as a result of rain. All the foul things and garbage gets scattered everywhere. But that day I didn't mind them and walked along the street watching them carefully. Mainly the garbage were the vegetable skin. I really don't have any idea why the hell the people throw them outside rather than keeping in the garbage can for the day and give it to the man collecting garbage the very next day!! Anyways I didn't mind this and it appeared to be a very normal result of the rain.
I also was looking at the buildings on both sides of the street. I saw the balconies that I have never seen before. The banners of advertisement that has skipped my eyes perfectly all these days and all the designs of the buildings that someone has built with the last penny of their savings, something that every man desires...a house of their own.

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