Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Food - take me as I am

Who does not need food??Its the basic necessity of life and if taken otherwise it can be the most luxuriiously lived passion of the whole human being. I have seen people who eat because they just need to eat..that is to sustain their lives. Others just eat. I mean they eat everything....they see they grab and they eat. They just love to eat...as it is the only action they know and love to perform. Others...the most typical one is the most rare kind....and I love them. They are the food lovers. They not only love it, they cherish it...lingers the moment and most importantly visually...physically and most importantly they have a lust for it. I prefer to call them foodie. I mean...hei...food is not only give you calories and burn the energies...they are also the food for the soul. If the served food does not have the visual appeal will it satisfy you completely?? I prefer to call this typical special kind as the FOODIE. But..to fail you very badly...I am a terrible foodie. Yes...I am not an eater..I am a foodie.
That does not count in the fact that I act snobbish in choosing food and of course nor does it mean that I eat like swines. Its just the fact that I plan a lot..but I eat a little. Anyone who goes out with me just get mad as after choosing this this and this...I may only eat this and a very little portion of other this.Its like the five year plannings....planned accordingly but never completed.
I was not...I am not and I will hopefully never be figure conscious. I just don't think about the fact until its crossing the limit. Its also because I love to eat and taking into account all the calories that are going into my body may actually blow up my mind!! But the problem here is that my stomach is the one who betrays me all the time. It gets fully satisfied so easily and if I happen to swallow some more bites I will have to spent the night drinking water to overcome the uneasiness in my body. What can I do?? Its my mind that plays the role of the pervert here. It sees any delicious looking food and feels an immense urge to feel it in the mouth. Wants to drool over it...wants to roll its tongue over it!!Oh...all that pervert thoughts!!
So today after watching the movie The Conjuring I headed towards The Mc Donalds accompanied by my sister in the mood of having some good food time. I have eaten a lot in KFC but I have never stepped inside Mc Donalds. Or you can say I always wanted to play safe by eating what I have so far tasted good.
But after so much nail biting moments in the theater I wanted to try something new...well that is very new for me too as I am always so happy to remain in my comfort zone. So with sheer courage I went and I ordered. The food was simple. Just  burger, their so very famous french fries and coke. The fries were good but the burger did not impress me much. I don;t know whether it was my old spark with KFC or whether the burger is overrated by others that I found it a little bit shallow in taste. The bread was soft, the chicken was good but I am not somehow could not find any good word to praise it. It was okay from my side. My mind was not satisfied but my stomach really was. It was full and did not want to take in any more. Mind whispered to go immediately towards the ice cream parlor and fulfill its thirst but by then I was horribly late for my tuition and rushed towards home to drop my sister. Meanwhile I was reminiscing with virtual rears all the way about  my untouched ice cream and promised myself to have some later. God knows when!!
Moral of the story : Too much food can actually ruin your day!

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