Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy 68th Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!!
Till I left school this day used to bring no more significance to me. But was different. Thanks to my husband. In the morning we went to Indian Embassy because they were celebrating Independence Day there with other Indians residing in Abidjan. There was Flag hoisting and later children performed a beautiful dance program. After that we went to an Ice cream parlor, which thankfully is abundant here and came back home. When we were listening to our national anthem in the morning, it gave goosebumps the way it used to give me then, when I was in school. Our school celebrates the most beautiful Independence Day program. It is mandatory that every single should participate in that program. And when Vande Mataram used to be sung in the beginning of that program we all listened to it so keenly that there used to be pin drop silence in that whole area.
Throughout all my school like I hated my school. Simply because it was so tough to its students, both in rules for our presentation in the school as well as in the academic area. Unlike other schools, we used to have additional mandatory articles in every subjects, which was not necessary, but in our school it was a choice of life and death. Then we had to study the lives of Swamiji, Rama Krishna Dev and Sarada Devi, and not only them but their disciples and their works too. Studying Geeta was mandatory for us until we passed class 8. And their was another thing for which I adored them is they strongly encouraged the study of literature. May be, if it was not my school I would have never been a book lover, the way I am now. But I hated them. I hated the teachers. And even after passing the school too I hated them. I never went there after I passed my board exam. But now, when I look back, I feel a strong gratitude towards them, it was simply because of them that I know so much about our culture, our language and our country. When I was a kid. all these used to be stburden for me, but now I know all these gave me an eye to look for, and a knowledge to expand. I feel extreme gratitude for them for all these. 

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