Saturday, July 20, 2013


I think animals are more pure and distinctive and pure in expressing their love in which man gets itself more complicated and ruthless and unlawful. These days the purity of love is lost in the passion of lust. I see the dogs, the cats..I read about the other animals. And I see them being blessed. There is no hiding no back stabbing and nothing like playing with others soul and emotion. But man...being the superior of all has mastered in all these arts.
Why can't a man be truthful??Why can't he express what he actually has in his mind as well as heart. Life has become so confusing...understanding anyone is like solving a Rubik's cube. No matter what you do it has become almost next to impossible. Even the eyes tell lies these days...what am I supposed to believe?? The lies..or the truths that I get to know from the expressions or what I understand by my heart?
My mind says that I should listen to my heart but my heart loves to be fooled by the expressive desires...!!
But finally I have came to this conclusion that all these heart, love and romanticism...they do not exist in this mortal world. All theses fairy tales that we grow up nothing but a bullshit hide out for this crunchy and yet heart scorching truth that boys are incapable of feeling love. Specially husbands...these specific species..desires every women on this earth except their wives.All they want is s*x...s*x and only and lots of s*x!!Why is it that...wives get treated like washrooms??Can't the expect a little respect from anyone??

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