Friday, July 5, 2013

Lots of new things

Phew...what a week I had!!First my laptop messed up and I came to know that the LCD is what that screwed itself up. Along came a huge bill to fill up from Lenovo. Then the speaker of my phone went to hell. can call that. So another expenditure was coming along.
But this time I could replace it...yes replacing a phone always fasinates me. I get to play with a new one. Not that I am a very much gadget freak but who does not love shiny new things...I am just like those babies who are soo much attracted to shiny new toys. As a baby...or you can say when I was small there was little chance to get hold of new toys and barbies. May be that is the reason that I am now so much drawn towards new things. New suit?? I have to try them today..?? Phone has issues...come one..replace it!! The chain of the hand bag is not working?? Yay..!! Lets have a new one?? Yes...I become that much obsessed sometimes.
Anyways..lets come to present. So I was looking for a cheap android phone. I did not want to spend a lot of money on those high tech phones as this was going to be my first screen touch and smart I spent some 7000 bucks and got myself a samsung galaxy phone. Its okay...and I am pretty happy with its performance.
Now after paying all these bills I became bankrupt!!I did not have a single penny to spend on myself. But then...God came to my rescue. I don't know how..but my fiance sent me some he said that he is sponsoring the phone. Oh...what a relief...Finally I was relieved and took rest from all the anxiety and went to sleep.:)
But the sound sleep did not last long!! Soon the day came when my sister is leaving for her hostel. At first when we were still in our siblings there was not a thing that was common between us. We used to fight a lot and exchange of hot foul words were soo common between us. We lived in the same house but it seemed like we are so separate from each other. There were times when I thought we could never be sisters and will be strangers soon. But with time we started talking and most of the time they did not lead to hot debates any more. We started sharing secrets and we became best of the friends. Now that she is leaving for a long is hurting a lot. I feel like...a part of mine is going away from me. And I have nothing to do. Anyways I am happy for her. I know she is feeling the same...but there are only a few months left before my marriage and there will be no one to guide me in my make up. She will not be here when I will be buying my Banarasi sari...she will not argue with me whether the movie that I am watching is good or not..Most of all I will miss the fighting between us. I will miss her a lot..
May be this is growing up...where we have to accept the pain for the goodness of our loved ones.

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