Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day to day...going on

Its half past mid night. I had some video chat with Subrata and then started reading Lolita..Why is the night so speechless??Whenever I don't feel sleepy I just lay awake and think upside down of this world. What should I do..what I should not. There are a lot of thing to think..that I just use to kill those time...so that when the sky starts turning blue....and when the first crow caws....I can think...ohh...its morning again and I did not sleep at all!! Do you do this kind of awkward things??
In this late night I can remember the story of one of my friend. Its a story of a boy and a girl and yes its a love story. This is the story of Indra and Ruchi. It was some 4 years ago that they started their relationship. For her..he was the start and end of this world but for him there was no commitment...no word of marriage. He was a traveller he was a dreamer and to him commitments always hold him back. He wanted to live free..he wanted to come home and see the smiling faces of their loved ones...but he did not want them to wait. For him one should never wait or waste a bit of their life for anyone.
But for Ruchi..who was brought up without her father..Indra kind of filled up the void in her life. She was very small when her father died...she has the idea of him...and in Indra she felt that the idea was taking into some shape. She loved to be pampered like a baby..she wanted to hold his hand when they were crossing the road. With him being beside her she knew that she was not alone...she loved to be dependent on him.
It was some one year back that Indra started mumbing about their relationship going no where. Listening all these she started crying, she clinged into him more than she should have. She thought she could hold him back with her love. But for some people know whaT they have to give up for what they want...and they have the ability to give up. Indra belonged to them.
So on one rainy evening he came to Ruchi's house just to say good buy. He told her that he needs to go. Ruchi being numb could not say anything only tears rolled from her eyes. Her cheeks grew red, her voice chocked down. But this time she let him go. She knew that every time it was only for her that Indra stayed back but not this time. She thought to test her love. Of course holding someone back will give her the mortal body but not the immortal soul. So she kissed him good bye. She told herself that she had to do that only to get him back forever. And this time if he come back...ever..then he will never leave her back.

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