Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lingering afternoons

Today the sky was pouring in the noon. The gentle fresh dewy air breezed over my face as I lay in the bed reading one of the Ruskin Bond book. I love Ruskin Bond. I find his love for the mountain exceptionally different and the portray of his feelings are poetic yet fresh and in simple phrases.
I am not a writer..neither I intend to be. I am very poor in portraying my feelings. This you can say my day day record of my own life. Here I can write everything. From nasty hatred feelings for some one to write about my innermost hidden desired.
I have gained weight recently and trust me I am not any inch close to those skinny beauties and I am really happy with myself. I love me the way I am. But everyone around me likes to be skinny. But I give a damn to them!! So...sometimes I also get morally depressed and start to think like everyone else. The ultimate desire of everyone is how to get a size zero waist line???sob..sob...that's a far cry...but recently I thought a lot..as I was no where in love with my fat oversize arms and belly. So I decided to loose them. But there is a very distinct thought. I have started doing exercises and eating less street food to just loose fat. Otherwise I am head over hills over myself. I may not be the skinniest one. I may not be very glamorous and can sport shorts and tee very stylishly but this is what make me. And I love the the person I am and I am in no way to loose it for any one.
This is not a lecture post on how to loose your weight or why you should loose it. Its just I came to realize there's no harm in being not skinny but if you have fat it can lead to lots of problem. So its always a wise choice to loose them...:) and I have made it!! Recently I am having problems with walking long distances, climbing the roof top. The most irritating part is my favorite clothes no longer fit  me..:( So to satisfy me in all sphere and aspect I have decided to loose the fat...mind it I am not intending to loose my weight!!:)
I don't know why I am writing this post may be I had to clear it to myself that why I am doing all these. I was a little disappointed after listening to a remark from one of my family member. She might have said it for my own good but people do not understand that their words can have a lot of effect over others. So being discouraged I started to think how should I loose my weight. Then one evening I started to do skipping and doing it continuously for some morning I really understood the effect of exercise. I feel fresh in the morning now. Earlier I always used to doze off....but that is mostly gone now. May be I have taken the decision in a bad motive....but I rectified it. And I want to keep it up.

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