Friday, July 12, 2013

An awkward suspense

Did I ever tell you that I am a student of masters??No??...Ok..then let me tell you that I am doing my M.Sc in Economics from Calcutta University and have given my second semester last month.
And now I am in huge pressure of thought that whether I will pass or not!! Its not the fact that I am not studious...I study a lot..but its the maths part in which I feel completely lost.It was all those mathematical derivation that took me away...I was starting but reaching no where..In the exam hall I was feeling like a joker...who has a memory but he does not know how to he is just laughing at himself and watching others and literally crying inside!!Oh..that was a time...really...I don't know how I passed it. Now it's just a matter of time to see whether I was able to scribble something meaningful or all those were a just a child's play!!
So to make myself relieved and free from this tension I am dumping myself into books again.I love the smell of the books...the pages scribbled in black letters..its like a new world inviting me to have a bit of their taste and feel lost in them. I feel like the narrator or just sometime the invisible audience who is peeking through their every private moments and watching them closely. Analyzing them, judging them and at times living them itself..So I just finished buying some new books and I am feeling so sooo happy. Currently I am reading THE ENGLISH PATIENT and LOLITA. And I am ordering RIVER OF SMOKE, DELHI IS NOT FAR and LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA. Phew!! I just want to have more..sometimes I just go crazy to see how many books are their left to complete, left to get a hold on.
Its really hot now in Kolkata..and sometimes it is just pouring itself down. Oh...I hate hate this sweaty summer. But sometimes it just amuses me to think that why..why on earth we humans have always this shitty problems. I see my kittens...they are living their life like a gentle cool breeze. Two of my kittens always sleep on my lap and they just doze off everytime. Sometimes they clung to my dress and climb on to chest and sniffs my neck...and then goes back again in my lap. Is this how they caress me...or it is just the affection of being together for so long?? Subrata says that cats are very selfish..and at times I also can not deny this fact...but still I love them, I care for them..
Okk....its half past 2 now...I think I need to go to bathe I have to have my lunch or else my grand mother will shout. So see yaa....have a nice day ahead!! I am also looking forward to have a nice one..

P.S. In case you want me to give my opinions about the books I read just let me know. I will be more than happy to help you in this matter.

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