Monday, April 14, 2014

Sweaty afternoon, stormy evening with a twist of Avocado Smoothie

Abidjan has become smoking hot these days.We can see broad day light even when the clock says its half past 6!! The night sky is not coal black too...its more like a dark navy blue and the scorching heat starts hitting our window pane from nearly 5:45 A.M!! In short..I am totally pis**d off!!! I hate summer and more than anything I hate the heat. So I generally avoid any outing in the noon. But not everyday is going to be as you like ...some times there is a little bend in the road!! But that is another story!!
So yesterday was Sunday and husband hates to go out on Sunday!! Its his off he remains totally off throughout the day. Cuddling under the blanket, dozing off now and then, pampering the cat and watching movies. I watch movies too...and yesterday we were watching the old Spider Man movies and lost the track of time. Then we noticed that it was already evening and the sky has turned black. The atmosphere was becoming a little chilly and suddenly winds started blowing harshly. All the doors and windows of our flat was open and suddenly they all started slamming with horrible sounds. The situation turned a little ghostly for me. And I did not want to spend the time in kitchen alone making food to soothe my hungry stomach, and my husbands too. Yes...I am horrified at just the thought of ghost or spirits!! So what I did was what I could do in 5 minutes. I made this quick Avocado smoothie. Healthy, tasty and comes with full guaranty to quench your sudden urge of food!!!:)

It is good for kids and can be an instant hit in this hot summer as a welcome drink for your guests!!:) So here goes the recipe:

Quick Avocado Smoothie (Serves 2)


1/2 of a medium avocado
2 cups of yogurt
2tbsp of milk powder
1/2 cup sugar/1/4 cup of condensed milk
15 dates
5-6 almonds
5-6 cashew
A fistful raisins
1tsp chili powder
1tsp roasted grounded cumin seeds
1 pinch cinnamon powder


Put all the ingredients into the mixer except ice and blend well. Add water according to your preference. If you want to make it dense then add little water and if you want it more liquid add on water up to your preferred consistency. Serve with crushed ice and a little cinnamon powder on the top.

You can try this with other fruits too.
Do you make smoothies at home??? Which one is your favorite???

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