Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pizza, Chicken Tikka and lots more....

I have had a rough week. First the my husband took away my internet from home to office and then I was not feeling well for a few days. SO i actually had to go the whole week without t.v, without internet. All I did was reading, sleeping actually a lot of sleeping and cooking. I made various chicken dishes and Indian desserts. I made my way half through the book " The Kite Runner" and re-read an old Bengali short stories book by Sanjeet Chatterjee. One day what I actually did was only sleeping. Because we had dinner plans and had left overs for the lunch. So after bathing I slept until lunch then after lunch I slept again and woe up to find out that the diner plan was cancelled because of his work.
His cousin came to Abidjan for work for a week and stayed with us. He was also busy for his work but we always had breakfast, lunch and dinner together and that was the time we had our bengali "adda" filled with topics of politics, games, the upcoming election and of course household nuisance and my stumbling French that I am trying to work out with my maid.
Before he left we thought that we should go out aand have some fun as both of them were busy in their work thoughout the week. So on Sunday we went to Cap Sud and had a good semi break fast semi lunch. Because the time was so odd, it can not be termed as neither break fast nor lunch. There was a Debonair's outlet from which I ordered a spicy chicken pizza with lots of cheese on it and husband got himself a sweet and spicy chicken sub. My brother in law got himself a chicken tikka with french fries. The chicken tikkas were made of thin chicken breasts and had the exact Indian taste, only a little less spicy. But thats good. Of course we don't want to be all teary while munching when we still have a lot of work left!! The Debonair's pizza was a lot different from the Dominos or Pizza Hut pizza that I usually had in India. The bread was thin and very very tasted a lot better and there were a lot of chicken that I  could not find in Indian "branded" pizzas. So fully and finally I am more than just satisfied and happy with Debonair's Pizza. I also tasted the sub but I  have never been very fond of that so I did not eat much. But it was good too. Soft and sweet, sour and a little spicy. Perfect for my husband who does not want anything very chili. So thats it for today. I am going to buy a camera so that I can share with you the pics too. Going to buy this just wait for the picsy posts!! lol!!

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