Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My first nude wedges

 Last Sunday we went to Bassam Beach. Its an one hour drive from Abidjan. We started very late. It was almost 9'o clock when we sat in the car to go to Bassam. A lone road straight goes there from Abidjan. At the exit point of the city the road diverges, and one part goes to the airport. Then it diverges again and this time the other part goes to another beach called Asundi.

 The roads are good and along the road there are lots of shops selling handcrafted decorating goods. There were furnitures, wall mats, wooden wall stickers and vases and much more. We could see huts which are a little away from the roads but still visible. There are coconut trees along the road and it makes a beautiful view. A little away from all these there are constructions running to built cottages and buildings. Half done but still but the structures are extremely beautiful and modern.

It was very hot that day but then being a tropical region Abidjan is always very hot unless it rains. My husband enjoyed a lot. He seemed to be like a fish for a time to me. He swam in the swimming pool in the resort in which we checked in.

Then he went to the beach and jumped and swam and played like a 9 year old boy. And after that he came back with a tanned body and face. I laughed almost for 15 minutes looking at his reddened face. After that we had our lunch and came back home.

  In the lunch I ate "Avoca avec Cravette" and it was delicious. Its a starter and this again reminded me that how much delicious a simple food can be with just the combination of some good taste. It need not to be complicated, time consuming but still will look, smell and taste heavenly!!! I have nailed almost much of the recipe and will post here soon.

On our way we went to The Cash Center which has eventually become our grocery store and picked our stuff that we needed for the coming week. There my husband picked up a Canvas Show for himself and this nude wedges for me. I have always loved heels but I don't much like the idea of stiletto. I bought a stiletto for my wedding and then exchanged it with my sisters wedges!!! Lol!!!
But these nude wedges are a steal at the first look!!! I love the color, the bow at the toe and the slight golden lining that just adds a little jazz to it!!! Cute isn't it???

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