Thursday, March 21, 2013

My pretty cotton balls

Well...I bought these pretty cotton balls yesterday..!!Earlier I used TBS cotton pads for my cleansing and make up removing..but since they are not available on any web store now...and I am too lazy to go to the shop and buy it myself...I headed to my local cosmetics store and found these.
They are way cheaper than the TBS and comes in this pretty much I adore them!!

And they are very soft and works good for cleansing. Look at those pics...I love to watch them over and over again...and touch them too. But that's know?? So resisting myself becomes important sometimes!!
But they come in a chep plastic I stored them in a glass jar..

I think they are available everywhere if you search locally.Does a decent job..I am satisfied..!!!
By the is being totally boring...studying and preparing a bit for my marriage is of no help to charge my batteries and making me go!!Started a bit of caring for my skin...anyone knows more of bridal??I am in a complete mess!! Ha!Ha!!!

However whatever preparation is going on..and with my would be hubby staying long away for me...I am starting to write here about the bit of awkwardness in my life...and my journey towards a new life..!!
I thought of staring this one as a beauty blog...but then I thought of writing as a life blogger!!You won't find it everywhere!! I am..writing my heart and life..out loud here...hoping to read it one day...and lough out loud..!!

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