Thursday, March 28, 2013

Butterfly in my stomach

I am not a very much ornament person...I love to live simply..with nothing on me. Mostly I wear earrings occasionally but rings or necklace or bangles...Oh..god...!!They feel so heavy..!!
But you know what when you are getting married change is the only normal thing that happens in your life.So first it was the engagement. I don't mind the ring...actually I love that. Whenever I see that I can see him..and I feel a momentarily bliss.
Now..the problem is some of my elder relatives told mother that a bride to be should not loll like know without any ornaments on her. So here came my mother's confusion. She thought to give me a simple chain and one pair of bangles.!! have to go to university like this???
So I convinced my mother to buy a pair of kundan bangles...yes...they are beautiful, will do its job and I will be happy too!! So problem was avoided..or I should say that it was solved..!!
Later after my study when I was just trying to take a nap...I was thinking about my future life. What will it be like?? every girl dreams of that...but I never thought of it in that way ever..!! A house full of strangers who are apparently not strangers but my family and I have to live with them. Isn't it strange??How will I deal with that?? I have always been pampered in my family. I have never done any work...I have my works all done before I can think of that...but now I have to take responsibilities..I have to cook and yes I have to take care of a lot of people..!! Be it my husband or his(my) family!!
Sometimes I get scared of this thought..and sometimes I get excited thinking over the matter that I will have my own family and I will be the in charge..!!He..He..!!! I want my life to be simple...and in that way may be we can live happily ever after..

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