Sunday, March 24, 2013

Crackles on my nails guessed it right..! I am talking about crackle nail paints.But I am talking about the cheapest crackle nail paints in the market..

I have seen Chiana Glaze and OPI and Colorbar crackle nail paints..and they are roughly priced around I religeously stayed out of reach.
But this month Oriflame launched 3 shades of crackle nail paints-black,pink and blue of which I bought pink and black. They are also selling the base coats but you can skip this one easily!!

Now with big and I mean very big expectation I applied them. But listen it carefully they failed me. First of all they dry really quick..and I mean that. The time between you get the brush out of the bottle and put on the nails...they are half dried. Did not expect this.

And they do not crackle so good..After 2 application I got hold of them and they turned out pretty.But not good or great.
So not really buying them again...although they are very cheap. Price??? Well..they are something around INR179...
What do you think about them???

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