Monday, August 10, 2015

Sorshe Diye Bhapa Maach / Bengali Style Steamed Fish with Mustard Paste

Practically I have become dead and dull. A ghost structure with bristled nails and patchy toes. This goddamn weather is making everything dry. My skin needs moisture. I am thoroughly applying body lotions...but everything is going in vain. Lathering and massaging is being of no help...and my face suddenly has become itchy and red due to dryness. I really have no idea how to get rid of them. So I am ignoring all of them altogether, and rather concentrating on making a good substitute for Hilsa. We do not get Hilsa here. No substitute also. But I am adamant.

bhapa mach sorshe diye bengali style steamed fish

bengali steamed fish recipe bhapa sorshe mach

As for the can go well with some omelette and frit too. A little tomato chutney in the end is just the cherry on top. Perfect with this weather. And if you do not wish to have sweet then go for some spicy pickle. For me it’s the garlic pickle that I find myself drawn towards to more often. But you just go and pick your choice.

how to cook sorshe bhapa mach bengali style recipe

bhapa mach mach bhape sorshe diye bengali style

Now I have to settle for a good substitute of Hilsa. And trust me it’s a complicated affair. There is one fish that I find very similar with Rohu and Hilsa. The taste is actually a mixture of both of them. So, when I thought of making Bhapa Maach / Steamed Fish, this particular fish was my first choice. one can imitate the classic Hilsa from Ganges or Padma....but having a similar is better than having none. So, I became a good girl and almost vowed to eat Hilsa this year, when I will go India. J
Shorshe Bhapa Maach is very similar to the Chingri Bhape, with the only exception of the addition of coconut milk to the later.

classic bengali recipe sorshe diye bhapa mach sorshe bhape steamed fish recipe bengali style

sorshe bhapa mach method and recipe

After the steaming is done, you will find a semi liquid gravy, with oil floating on top of it and the strong pungent aroma of mustard oil with the smell of steamed green chillies , will hit your nostrils soon. And the aroma is enough to make you salivate for your lunch. So...hilsa or no-hilsa...if you want to enjoy good food with relaxing the boundary a little can be enjoyed almost every time you wish for it. The fact is...just be imaginative and let it flow...

how to cook bengali style steamed fish with mustard paste

bengali fish recipe with mustard paste

Sorshe Bhapa Mach / Baked Fish with Mustard Paste
Serves 2-4

how to cook sorshe bhape recipe

1 steel / micro-oven proof box. Make sure it has a tight lid. (Choose the size according to the number of fishes)
4 thick pieces of fish (Rohu and Hilsa are popular picks for this dish. I have used Bar fish / white bass.)
¼ cup thick yogurt - whisked
2 tbsp mustard seeds
2 tsp poppy seeds
½ inch stick of ginger
2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp red chilli powder
4 green chillies – slitted
1 ½ tbsp mustard oil
A handful of chopped coriander leaves

Make a thick paste of the poppy seeds, mustard seeds, 2 green chillies, ginger and some water. Do not use too much water. Just about 1cup will be good. The paste should be smooth and creamy in texture. Be sure that there no grain remains.
Once done mix in the whisked yogurt, 1 tbsp mustard oil, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt.
Rub the fish pieces with a little of the prepared mustard paste.
Then place them inside the box / baking pan. The pieces should be placed one beside the other. They should not be stacked. After baking the fishes become very soft and if you stack them one above the other, then you might break them when you will transfer them to a serving dish.
Pour the prepared paste over the fishes and make sure that each of the pieces is coated with the paste. Now drizzle the rest of the mustard oil.
Also put the slitted green chillies.

Micro-oven Method:
Now cover the box, and if you are using baking pan then cover it with aluminium foil.
Then bake them in micro oven, on 300F for about 15-25 minutes.
After15-25 minutes, check whether the fish is completely done by entering a skewer. If not then bake again.
Once done, take the box / baking pan out of the oven. Let it stay like this for more 10 minutes. Then uncover and sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves.
Serve hot with some steaming hot rice.

Pressure Cooker Method (1):
If you are using pressure cooker, then first heat some mustard oil in it. Then add the prepared paste.
Sauté for 30 seconds and then add the fishes and slitted green chillies. Immediately put cover and cook it on pressure until it blows 2 whistles.
Put off the flame and let the steam get out of the cooker naturally.
Uncover and sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves.
Serve hot with some steaming hot rice.

Pressure Cooker Method (2):
Fill 1/4th of the pressure cooker with water and let it come to a boil. Once the water starts to boil place a stand into it. It can be a steel ring, or another steel bowl on which you will place your box. Put cover and cook on pressure until the cooker blows 2-3 whistles. Put off the flame and let the steam come out of it naturally. Take the box out, open the cover and sprinkle some chopped fresh coriander over them. Serve hot with some steaming hot rice.