Thursday, August 27, 2015

Posto Bata / Bengali Raw Poppy Seeds Paste

Events have the capability of becoming memories very quickly. Out of nowhere we meet them and a wink of vision flashes across our eyes. And we smile or sigh. Today one such a fling occurred with me.
I wash cleaning the centre table in our drawing room, when I saw a diary under it. It was lying there for a long time, which is evident from the thick dusts that had made a permanent homage on its cover. I swiped away them with a tissue paper and then I recognized it. And a trail of memories stared to flush in. It was actually my husband’s diary into which he used to jot down his expenses before marriage. Then I started using it. It had all my lists that I made after marriage, things...which I needed to buy before leaving India. Then there were my budgets and the all the criss-crosses regarding those plannings. My planning for decorating the rooms. The things I needed. And all those monthly budgets that I undertook last year to control our monthly expenses.

bengali raw poppy seeds paste with mustard oil and onions

In short the diary is nothing but just another notebook for keeping the records of all expenses, but what makes it different is that, through all those lists I can see my old self, who was rather struggling to keep balance in everything. Who learned from those extra bills and did not need packets of ready made ravoili....that yes I can manage everything too. Although this was a long and complicated journey, I am glad that I have made it this far without any stumble.

posto bata recipe bengali style

Posto Bata / Raw poppy seeds paste is a very simple dish. It’s so simple that I even thought that whether I should post it or not. But seriously, even 2 years ago I didn’t know about posto why not!! May be someone like me will learn to make something new. This simple posto bata is my husband’s uber favourite starter. And since its pathetically simple...I don’t mind to make it for him every other day.

posto bata recipe with step by step pictures

Just make the paste, load it heavily with mustard oil so that the sizzle can make you sneeze, and then mix in some chopped onion, coriander leaves, green chillies for the crunch. Sprinkle some salt and you are done. is pretty much that’s it!!! Did you think it is really that simple?? But it is!!!

bengali starter recipe posto batabengali started recipe posto baata

Posto Bata / Raw Poppy Seeds Paste
Serves 2-3

bengali posto bata recipe

2 tbsp poppy seeds
1 tbsp mustard oil
½ of a small onion
2 green chillies
A few fresh coriander leaves - chopped

Grind the poppy seeds with little water, i.e. about ¼ th cup of water, to a smooth paste. The paste should not be runny, but should have a smooth and thick consistency. To make a fine paste, first grind the poppy seeds without water until they become very powder like. Next add the water and grind again. This time grind until the paste becomes velvety smooth. In the end check by pressing a little amount of paste between your thumb and index finger. If it feels grainy grind again.
Once the paste is done, scrape every bit of the paste from the grinder to a bowl.
Add in the chopped onions, salt, chopped fresh coriander leaves, chopped green chillies and mustard oil.
Give a good stir and mix to incorporate everything.
Serve with steamed hot rice, as a starter.


  1. helped me as I am Punjabi and my husband is Bengali..he loves authentic will make it today..

  2. helped me as I am Punjabi and my husband is Bengali..he loves authentic will make it today..

  3. Glad that I was able to help Shefali!!