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Pyaj Posto / Bengali Style Dry Onion Curry with Poppy Seeds Paste

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hpw to cook bengali style dry onion curry with poppy seeds paste recipe

All these posto / poppy seeds recipes are from my in-laws. Poppy seed is their daily dose of life, they possibly cannot pass a single day without it. Aloo posto (potato with poppy seeds) , jhinge posto (ribbd gourd with poppy seeds), potol posto (pointed gourd with poppy seeds) , chingri posto (prawns with poppy seeds) ...what not!!!!There is another recipe of poppy seeds / posto i.e. tomato posto. This tomato posto is quite interesting as it is a little tangy as well as sweet...salty and at the same time creamy. Will share that recipe some other day.

how to cook bengali style pyaj diye posto recipe
sauté the onions

bengali style authentic pyaj posto recipe
add salt and sugar

bengali style onions with poppy seeds recipe with step by step pictures
add poppy seeds paste and turmeric powder

how to cook bengali style pyaj posto recipe

Pyaj Posto is another example that how much versatile poppy seeds can be. They can mingle up with almost anything.  The recipe is very similar with the Aloo posto, which I have already posted. The only difference this time is that we do not add any potatoes and continue cooking after adding the poppy seeds to the sauted onion. After a long process of stirring and simmering, and then simmering and stirring again, the final result is a dry curry, where the onions have browned a little bit and the poppy seeds paste smells wonderful with the combination of green chillies and witty mustard oil.

how to cook traditional pyaj posto recipe
stir and simmer
 These days we are getting some really good quality onions. Healthy, fat and completely dust free.  On display there are all kinds of, yellow, white, shallots and also the pearl onions. But I love the pearl ones. The are so badly good looking. And the cherry on top is their colour. Its a true show stopper. Magnificent in one word. Although the red onses look very similar with the red onions, they taste sweeter than them. I am in love with much so that I buy them quite often. I made Macher Kaliya / Fish Kalia with them, and they made the curry extra special. Sweet and more tasty. They are a little expensive than the regular ones, but the extra price is so worth it!! I don't think I am going to stop buying them in any near future!! No No!!! :)

how to cook onions with poppy seeds paste bengali style
reduce to a dry curry

how to cook onions with poppy seeds paste

Pyaj Posto / Bengali Style Dry Onion Curry with Poppy Seeds Paste
Serves 2-3

step by step pictures of bengali style pyaj posto recipe or onions with poppy seeds recipe or dry onion curry with poppy seeds paste bengali style

3 large onions – chopped
2 and ½ tbsp poppy seeds
1 inch stick of ginger
3 green chillies
1 tsp turmeric powder
A pinch of sugar
1 tbsp oil (you can reduce the amount of oil)

Make a smooth paste of the poppy seeds with the ginger and 2 green chillies, with some water. Grind them until smooth. The paste should be smooth and without any grainy texture. To get a smooth paste, first grind the poppy seeds and then add ginger, green chillies and water. Some people soak the poppy seeds before grinding, but I do not like that procedure. To be sure check before pouring the paste in a bowl.
Heat half of the mustard oil in a kadai / pan and put in the chopped onions. Add some salt and sugar and cook till onions become translucent and the edges have start to become golden.
Now add the poppy seeds paste, turmeric.  Stir to mix everything and let it cook. Cook for 7-8 minutes, or until the raw smell of the poppy seeds are gone. If the onions become too dry add a dash of water in between to avoid them sticking to the pan.
When the poppy seeds are almost (95%) cooked break the last green chilli in half and trough them into the onions. 
Drizzle the rest of the mustard oil over the onions.  Mix and simmer for another 1-2 minutes.
Taste and adjust seasoning.
Put off the flame and serve hot with some steamed plain rice.

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