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Macher Dimer Bora / Bengali Style Fish Egg Fritters

My cats had peed on my dslr's battery charger. And it's totally screwed up now. The charger is no longer working and currently the battery is already halfway through. If I can't find a new one, I have to dig up my Canon Power Shot, which I used earlier. Lets hope at least I will get an universal charger if not the original one.:(

bengali style fig eggs fritters recipe and method / fish egg pakora recipe

Today our electrician came to fit some new lamps and was such a pain. They worked for half the day...and when finally they were done, the rooms were filled with dusts and spare parts and wires. Phew!!! Thankfully we have more lights now to dazzle up and with the help of them, we reorganized our room once again. We pushed the bed to the furthest corner and took out my dressing table just under the ceiling spot light. Now there is a lot of space to roam around. Happy Dance!! I repeated this thing so many times to my husband that he finally came up with the solution that we should sell it!!

how to make bengali style macher dimer bora recipe / bengali style fish eggs fritters recipe

Then he became grossly attentive towards some you tube videos regarding Babri Masjid, and I dozed off. After my nap I was insanely hungry. Thank god, I had some uncooked frozen French Fried in my fridge. I rushed and deep fried. Nothing is better than some French Fries dipped into some super spicy ketchup. Oh...I gave some to my husband too. He was still not finished up. So finally I thought this is the time and started to make the flaky pastry. I have almost half kg apples sitting in my fridge, so making Apple Pie at this moment of abundance is an emergency...a necessity.

how to cook macher dimer bora / fish roe fritters recipe

Then after my buttery session...I was sniffing my butter smelling fingers and came across these "macher dimer bora" photos. These were taken in India and may be my first clicks with DSLR. My sister was coming to our home and luckily the fish we bought that day had eggs. Generally fish eggs are pure Monsoon things and its very rare to get them in any other season. So I made Macher Dimer Bora / Fish Roe Fritters with them.
Do not mix up these fish eggs with caviar, which is made from fish eggs too. But these fish roe / fish eggs comes from sweet water fish. They are sold fresh, not processed and are dam cheap. If you are buying a large fish and it has eggs, the seller gives it for free, or otherwise you have to buy them separately. Fish egg fritters are one of my favourite foods from Kolkata. Ma used to cook  them a lot during these rainy seasons. Bora / fritter is the simplest way to cook them...but you can also use these bora / fritters to make Macher Dimer Jhol / Fish egg Curry or Macher Dimer Kalia / Spicy fish egg curry. There is another dish, called, macher dimer tok / sour fish egg curry..which ma made very rarely. But that is tremendously tasty too.

how to make bengali style macher dimer bora / fish eggs fritters recipe

Anyways, but these macher dimer bora / fish egg fritters are an excellent snack and also goes well with some rice and lentils. A perfect gloomy evening, some piping hot macher dimer bora / fish egg fritters and a large mug full of chai / Indian style tea...sounds good to start a brainstorming adda session???

Macher Dimer Bora / Bengali Style Fish Egg Fritters
Serves 4

how to cook macher dimer bora / fish eggs fritters recipe / fish egg pakora

300gms fish eggs (Preferably of Rohu fish)
1 small onion - finely chopped
1 green chilli - finely chopped
1/2 inch stick of ginger - finely chopped
a handful of fresh coriander leaves - chopped
2 tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp gram flour
oil to shallow fry

In a bowl take all the ingredients mentioned above, except the oil.
Now with hand mash the eggs, and mix everything until no lumps remain and everything is perfectly incorporated. If the mixture becomes too runny then add a little more of the gram flour.
Heat oil in a kadai until smokes appear.
Scoop a little of the fish eggs mixture with a little spoon and with another spoon scrape it down into the oil.
Let it fry for half a minute, or until the bottom of the mixture gets cooked and the surface becomes firm. Then split over and fry the other side as well. Flip again and cook the previous side.
Continue this process until both the sides become crispy and golden brown.
Once done, transfer the fried fish eggs to a bowl. If possible pat with a kitchen towel or tissue paper to soak the excess water.
The size of the "bora" / fritters depend on your choice, and the bigger it gets the more time it will need to be cooked from inside. So its best to keep their size and thickness medium.
Continue this process until the whole mixture is finished.
Serve hot with some rice , dal / lentils and aloor torkari / aloo ki sabzi.

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