Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lassi / Punjabi Lassi

We have a collage of our pictures on our bedside table. It consists of our pictures from our single as well as married life...and by co –incidence or some unknown dubious activity of our unconscious mind, if we see the pictures clock-wise, each of them falls in the exact chronological manner, i.e. before marriage, on the day of the marriage and after marriage. We did not plan that...but it had made me happy that the pictures had been placed in such a style.

I used to put a plastic sheet over our dining table for safety reasons. First, because of the cats...I don’t know what it is with the dining table, but whatever I prepare for them, they just like to sleep on that particular furniture. They rest their back on the extended part of the chair and soon become soundly asleep. Sometimes they knock off the salt and pepper shakers, tilt the short scattering everything is their most favourite night time hobby. But whatever it is, I have come to hate the sheet for its stickiness and shiny surface. So I finally I have removed that last week...and I think it looks pretty without it.

simple sweet lassi recipe / how to make punjabi lassi recipe

Although Abidjan is mostly cold these days...I thought of making lassis. In Kolkata, whenever I returned home after a day’s work, Ma used to give me lassis. She prepared them long before my return...and stored them in the fridge to get chilled. This one drink had the capability to ease out my tiredness, frustration and dizziness in just one sip. I loved the zing that it gave to my body, that I felt all refreshed and awaken again.
Lassi is a yogurt based drink which is churned with thick yogurt, water, sugar and some ice. You can add any flavouring ingredients to it, like fruits, syrups, and they just enhance the taste. There is also Malai Lassi, which is made with malai / crème and then served with a thick layer of malai / crème, crushed cashews, pistachios, almonds, raisins and khoya / evaporated milk. But first let us make the plain lassi, with all the goodness of the creamy yogurt.

Serves 2

1 cup of thick curd
1 tsp cardamom powder / 2 tsp rose water (peel the skins of the cardamom pods and crush the seeds using a grinder / mortar and pestle to make a fine powder)
2 and ½ cups of ice cold water
½ cup sugar (adjust as per taste)
1 tbsp milk powder (optional)
8-10 ice cubes
Some additional ice cubes to serve

Pour the milk powder, ice cubes, sugar, cardamom powder / rose water, cold water and curd in a blender. If you like a thick lassi then add this much water is suitable for you. If you want it thinner, then add ½ - 1 cup of more water.
Blend until smooth and froth builds up on top of the mixture.
Switch off the blender.
Taste and adjust the sugar. Blend again until sugar dissolves.
Pour the lassi in respective glasses.
Add in the ice cubes.
Serve chilled with some crushed pistachio on top of it.

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