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Keema Kaleji

Its Mahalaya right now. Timewise, everyone in Kolkata will be wide awake by the 4'0 clock alarm today and after repeatedly wiping their eyes they are sitting straight either putting a scrutinizing eye on the t.v screen or pressing their ears on the radio to have a clear signal during the Mahalaya broadcast. Sadly nothing is available for me here. I can roll on to the you tube app and watch the old Mahalaya videos there, but it lacks the thrill in it. Will the “dhaki” sound, which starts the beginning of the program is almost like ringing the bell for the puja season.

indian keema kaleji recipe

indian keema kaleji curry recipe

Its my husband who is more obsessed with Durga puja than I am. He comes from a family where Durga Puja is held every year in his ancestral home and till now, he can’t think of any other Durga Puja he had visited except the one in his village. The house is grand and the “natmondir” (the place of the puja) is even grander. I have never visited the place during the puja, but pictures can say a thousand words. The Durga idol dressed in a very simple attire and with all the lush gold jewelleries, the  artis (evening pujas), the Prasad...they must be really really beautiful. I have gone from pandals to pandals to see the idols, but I have never seen the puja completely. The rituals, the steps, the rules that you have to maintain, everything is all alien to me. It must be very exciting to be a part of that grand occasion. I am sure.  I am yet to experience a family puja...but one thing is certain...that, I will love it.

pakistani kaleji recipe

keema kaleji recipe with step by step pictures
Temper the oil
keema kaleji recipe with step by step pictures
Add the onions
keema kaleji curry recipe with step by step pictures
Add the ginger - garlic paste
indian keema kaleji recipe with step by step pictures
Add the chopped tomatoes after the onions turn golden brown and cook till they start to release oil.
pakistani keema kaleji recipe with step by step pictures
Add the minced meat, salt and brown them

mutton keema kaleji recipe with step by step pictures
Add the cut liver pieces

keema recipe indian curry recipe
Add the spices and cook till done.

indian mutton recipe

Keema Kaleji is a curry made of minced meat and liver. A scrumptious yet soothing curry. Not very rich but very very rewarding. Especially if you love livers, this one is definitely for you. This one is a killer with luchi or puri...but with rotis they go great too. Do not go low with the coriander leaves, they add a definite dash of instant freshness to the curry.

lamb keema kaleji recipe indian

Keema Kaleji
Serves 5-6

mutton keema kaleji recipe minced meat with liver curry recipe indian

400gm minced meat (I have used minced lamb)
500gm liver (you can use chicken liver or goat liver or lamb liver. I have used lamb liver)
1 medium onion – chopped
1 tomato – chopped
4-5 garlic cloves – paste
1 inch stick of ginger – paste
2 tsp turmeric powder
2-3 tsp red chilli powder
½ tsp mace and nutmeg powder (optional, but heavily recommended)
1 tsp garam masala powder
A handful of chopped fresh coriander leaves
2-3 whole green chillies – slitted
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 bay leaves
1 tbsp oil / ghee

Heat oil / ghee in a kadai and add the cumin seeds and ba leaves in it.
As they start to sizzle, add the chopped onions into them.
Sauté them till they become slightly golden brown and add in the ginger – garlic paste to them.
Sauté for another 1-2 minutes or until the raw garlic flavour is gone.
Add the chopped tomatoes to them and cook till the tomatoes become mushy and they start to release oil from them.
Now add the minced meat to them and cook till they change their colour. Sprinkle some salt and let them cook covered. Cook till all the water that oozed out of them is evaporated.
Now add the cut liver pieces and sauté for 3-4 minutes or until they become brown.
Put the turmeric and red chilli powder to them and also pour in 2 cups of water.
Mix in and put cover. Cook like this for another 10-12 minutes on medium flame or until the livers are cooked perfectly and is soft from inside. Stir in between to prevent burning or sticking to the bottom of the pan.
Taste and adjust seasoning.
Sprinkle the garam masala powder and the chopped coriander leaves.
Lightly give a stir and put off the flame.

Serve hot with roti / paratha / puri.

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