Sunday, July 6, 2014

New In My Kitchen

The biggest passion I have besides cooking is shopping for food. I love to see the fresh vegetables, the aromatic cheeses and the new arrivals in the food section. And I literally jump on my feet when I see new spices in the Indian Market. Yesterday I saw Star Anise there. And I feel no one as as much happy as I was seeing that there. My husband was clueless that why was I so much exited to see a packet of dry spices.

I had powdered start anise earlier but I did not have whole star anise. And they are sooooo beautiful that they are a treat for the eyes before even making a treat for your tongues!!!

And then I found apricot in the fruit section of Cash Centre and I was again super exited as I was thinking of making Moroccan Chicken for nearly one month!! Two surprises in one day and then we were invited for Biriyani lunch from one of my husband's friends!! Mutton Biriyani with chicken kababs! My day couldn't have been better!:):)

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