Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Culture and and me

Culture is a hefty word. We the common people whose lives are so engrossed with their work and families have little time to think about their culture and tradition until and unless there is an occassion or puja or when someone does something off the path. That is the time when we become so conscious about out culture which are so much linked up with our lives that we forget that there it is..sitting all over us...controlling us and looking over us!!
For  me culture is the day to day lifestyle I lead...the very routine that I follow everyday of my life. That is so me...that is so intertwined with my character that living off the routine is beyond imagination!!
But a girl's life is a tricky one. It starts in a way and and then takes a u turn in between. Last week my friend was talking about this to me. All this my my getting married situation has left her speechless at first. That day she told me that she is scared of all the changes and that's why she was so shocked with my news. The pleasant news of mine gets some times teary welcome when I think of leaving all my friends and all the homely comforts behind. Someone has said so truly  that to get one you must sacrifice some.
I don't know what the future awaits for me...but all the sadness and all the tears that I have felt for a time are now gone. And I feel bliss. I feel so loved that sometimes it gives me a fright to live a life with a bit of less love in it. I wish and I hope that things will always be the same and that particular face will always bring this same warmth and smile in my heart.

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