Friday, September 13, 2013

A random bong girl's point of view - women empowerment

As a student and a girl self empowerment was the only motivation that drove to achieve the education that I have today and will also drive me  till the end of my life. I strongly hate the idea of women empowerment. You may find the two sentences contradictory but in this 21st century world where we shriek to the highest level of our throat why should we separate ourselves as only the WOMEN?? We call us equal..that all the human beings are equal in every sense and they should be treated equally. Then we should focus more on self empowerment rather than categorizing ourselves with the very idea of women empowerment.
We girls and women who live in this city society where we see every girl having education and having a dream of achieving something in our lives...a question arises in my mind that are we really free?? Are we being equally treated??
Still today having a baby and getting married to a well established boy is regarded more fancy and better than the solid good pay check of the girl.
Still when I walk in the road and go for shopping or go to the market I see women more than men. In a a society where women participation in the work force is so low is it possible to achieve the one tenth of the empowerment that we dream we will have one day?? I am not talking or not at all concerned about the stats or numbers because if there is any change in the numbers it will definitely show up in the society that we live in.
I have seen my friends who are so concerned about their career as well as I have seen girls who are so comfortable to live a life on their husband's salary. Its not about money.It never was. It is doing something what you love.Doing for yourself. Making yourself useful for the society. The family tag of mother, wife, sister is always there but it is equally important to achieve a social tag of your own on the basis of your credentials.  Its about the self satisfaction that I get when I pay for myself....and I wish every girl around me feels the same someday and gets used to with it. 

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