Monday, April 16, 2018

My Go-to Pasta Recipe

During my pregnancy I ate a lot of pasta and pizzas. These were the only things of which I had abnormal cravings for...and since doctor told me to stick to home cooked meals only...I had to look for some easy pasta recipes to indulge in. So you can expect a lot of pasta recipes in near future...starting with the easiest and one of my go-to recipes.

how to make garlic and tomato pasta recipe, go to pasta recipe

My Go-To Pasta Recipe
Serves 1

how to make garlic and tomato pasta recipe, go to pasta recipe

1 serving of pasta of your choice
2-3 tbsp olive oil
3 cloves of garlic – thinly sliced
2 plump tomatoes – finely chopped
¼ cup of grated parmeggiano-reggiano
2 tsp freshly ground black peppercorns
2 tsp of Italian seasoning

·        Heat some olive oil in a sauté pan and add sliced garlic to it. Saute for a minute or until the garlic starts to turn brown and then add the chopped tomatoes to it.
·        Sprinkle some salt over them and cook the tomatoes until they become pulpy and mushy.
·        In the mean time let one pot of water come to boil and add adequate salt to it. Throw in the pasta of your choice and cook for arount 8-9 minutes or until they become al-dante. Look for the recommended time on the package and cook for less than 1-2 minutes of that time.
·        When the pasta is cooked drain the water (reserving a little for further cooking ) and keep the cooked pasta aside.
·        Wait till the tomato is cooked and then add salt and some Italian seasonings to it.
·        Stir to mix and then add the cooked paste and the reserved pasta water to it.
·        Stir and cook for 2-3 minutes more or until you see the sauce thickening.
·        Taste and adjust the salt.
·        Add the remaining olive oil and parmeggiano-reggiano.
·        Give a final mix and serve immediately with some more grated parmeggiano-reggiano on top of it.

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