Friday, July 8, 2016

Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet

We get passion fruits in abundance here in Abidjan. And it’s daringly cheap. Last time I got almost 2 kg of them at a mere 2000 Fcfa. These fruits are unbelievably sour but punch them with some sugar and lemon juice...and it’s the beautiful mocktail you can ever get. Mango and Passion fruit...two favourite tropical fruits...almost complement each other in their taste and flavour. And their combination is undoubtedly the best when I think of any dessert. So...Mango and Passion fruit sorbet it is.

how to make Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet recipe

how to make Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet recipe

After a little rain, the scorching heat is making its appearance we need something chilling to cool us down. And this sorbet just fulfilled its purpose.

Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet
Makes enough for 6 persons

how to make Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet recipe

3 large ripe mangoes
1 and ½ cup of homemade passion fruit juice (scrap the flesh out of the fruit and strain them to get rid of the seeds)
½ cup or more of sweetened condensed milk (adjust according to the sweetness)
Juice of 1 lime
A pinch of kosher salt

Peel and cut the mango flesh into cubes. Put them in an airtight container and freeze overnight.
Take them out the next them and put them in a blender.
Add the passion fruit juice, condensed milk, lime juice and salt.
Blend until smooth and then pour them in another airtight container, covering the surface with a cling film.

Freeze overnight and serve chillied with a little passion fruit juice / syrup. 

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