Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Malai Lassi

God I love lassis...the creamy, nutty, cardamom and rose water flavoured thick yogurt based smoothie....they just make me want them more. In Kolkata lassis always came for me from a street side cart. Never thought of making lassis in home as they were so easily and abundantly available everywhere. Thick lassi topped with even thicker malai and smothered with khoya and nuts and cherries are sure a delight to drink on.

indian malai lassi recipe

Although its officially winter in Africa (officially because in Africa winter is just a little fog around the corner oh...and some yellow leaves...nothing more!!), I thought lassis can be a good go to drink now. For I have always considered that cool and frozen drinks are more specifically enjoyed during cooler seasons, because the desserts don’t melt and the drinks does not just warm up in a jiffy. So I have more time to relish them.

sweet malai lassi recipe easy and simple malai lassi recipe

For Malai Lassi, you can go to the super market and buy yourself a bottle of thick cream with 35% butter content or as I have done here...make your own. Well supermarket seems a rather easy and convenient option but if you want to be true towards the flavour, its the homemade that you will need more.  For making homemade Malai I have first bought whole cow milk. Then I let it come to a boil. Once done, I covered it up and let it cool down completely. Once it cools down you can see thick malai formed on top of the milk. Just skim the malai up from there and keep it in a bowl in the fridge. Repeat this process twice and you will have a good amount (At least ½  cup from 1.5 litres of milk) of thick buttery homemade malai.

I have used a little yellow food colour here...but it’s perfectly okay if you omit them. I just love the yellow colour and could not resist myself from using them. Also do use the khoya for making the Malai Lassi because it just gives the lassi a body, along with added richness and creaminess to the drink.

malai lassi indian recipe lassi recipe

Malai Lassi
Serves 6-8

malai lassi recipe indian yogurt drink lassi recipe

2 and ½ cup thick yogurt (chilled)
½ cup malai / thick cream (chilled)
2 green cardamoms
1 tbsp rose water
A handful of raw cashew nuts
Some saffron strands
½ cup granulated sugar
1 tbsp khoya

Put everything in a blender. Keep a little malai / cream, cashew nuts and saffron strands for garnishing.
Blend until smooth and then pour in a tall glass.

Serve immediately.

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